Sunday, June 16, 2024

The world’s first 8K mini-LED monitor has arrived


The Asus ProArt PA32KCX 8K mini-LED professional monitors placed next to each other on a desk.Asus

When it comes to the best professional-grade monitors, resolution, brightness, and color accuracy are all paramount. Asus is aiming to ace all three (and a lot more) with its newly announced ProArt PA32KCX, which is also the world’s first 8K mini-LED professional monitor.

The 8K resolution is the standout spec, of course. The monitor has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 across its 32-inch screen. One of the only other 8K monitors available that you actually buy is the Dell UltraSharp UP3218K, which came out in 2017.

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Beyond just resolution, the 32-inch monitor is claimed to come with many of the benefits of mini-LED, including great color accuracy and brightness. Asus says it achieves a Delta-E value of less than 1, which means that you can expect impressive color accuracy. It is said to cover 97% of the DCI-P3 color gamut for high color saturation and it has support for True 10-bit color depth. The mini-LED backlight features a total of 4096 zones, allowing for peak brightness of 1200 nits and a sustained full-screen brightness of 1000 nits, essentially making it excellent for creating content in HDR.


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Speaking of which, the monitor is said to support multiple HDR metadata formats, including HLG and HDR10. This capability enables creators to preview how their content will look across a diverse range of target displays before sending it for final delivery.


The ProArt PA32KCX also features excellent connectivity options including HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.1 ports, as well as two Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C ports capable of up to 96-watt USB Power Delivery. There’s even a dedicated USB hub to quickly allow users to hook up peripherals and other devices.

The built-in, motorized flip-out colorimeter makes the process of color calibration easier whether you prefer auto or manual. The monitor is also configured to seamlessly work with Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware calibration software.

Some media got an early look at the screen, such as YouTuber Vincent Teoh, who posted some photos from the National Association of Broadcasters event where the monitor was first shown off.

Here’s the world’s first 32-inch 8K Mini LED professional monitor from @ASUS, unveiled at #NABShow in Las Vegas. 4096 zones, 1200 nits peak & 1000 nits full-screen, 97% DCI-P3, 2x HDMI 2.1 & 1x DisplayPort 2.1. Preliminary price quoted at $8k, obviously.

— Vincent Teoh (@Vincent_Teoh) April 15, 2024

To promote comfort and reduce eye strain and fatigue, the monitor will come with LuxPixel technology. According to Asus, this is a culmination of recent advancements including Anti-Glare, Low-Reflection (AGLR) tech, and Eye Care+.

Although we haven’t received official confirmation regarding the pricing and availability, it’s worth mentioning that comparable professional mini-LED monitors offering 4K resolution typically fall in the $3,000 price range. Given this, it wouldn’t be surprising if Asus debuts its new high-end monitor with a price tag of $5,000 or potentially even higher.

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