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The best resume templates for Google Docs




  • Native résumé templates
  • The best third-party résumé templates

During these times of heavy competition in the job market, you want to be sure that your résumé stands out as much as possible. There are many resources online to assist you in building a stellar resume, especially using templates compatible with Google Docs.

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Many people like Google Docs résumé templates because they allow for easy editing and customization of résumés. You have the option to input your résumé information, or if you’re a bit more advanced, you can make edits to the actual template. Google has several default résumé templates within Google Docs, and you can also upload many popular third-party templates into Google Drive for editing.


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Many people also opt for Google Docs résumé templates because they are typically high in Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) compliance by default. This means that they can help résumés stand out when companies use automated software to choose qualified applicants. Here are the best résumé templates available for Google Docs.

Native résumé templates

These are resume templates you can access simply by signing into Google Docs. Select Template Gallery, scroll down to Résumés, and select the résumé template of your choice. Keep in mind that each option you click will open a new unedited file.



The Swiss Google Docs résumé template presents your skills and work experience and can be ideal for someone with many relevant career highlights to showcase.



The Serif Google Docs résumé template is a great base template if you have a strong academic history that you want to showcase. Conversely, you can take advantage of the many sections available.



The Coral Google template is a more general and lighthearted résumé style that might be favorable if you know the company you’re applying to has a more informal culture.



The Spearmint résumé template lets you highlight your skills on your résumé. This option can be ideal for someone who might not yet have extensive work experience.

Modern Writer


Modern Writer is an eclectic style of template for applicants in a range of fields that helps them set themselves apart.

The best third-party résumé templates

You can also find third-party résumé templates that are compatible with Google Docs from many sources. Some are free online. Similarly, you can purchase others from résumé and career-building websites or creative storefronts, such as Etsy. Find résumés by inputting ATS friendly résumé or a similar term in Google or any of the previously mentioned sources.

Once you have the resume template of your choice, transferring it to Google Docs should be simple. Opening your link should take you to an official Google Docs page that says Copy Document. It will ask you if you want to make a copy of the document. Click Make a copy, and a new document page will open with the resume template inside. Make your edits as you need to begin creating a resume. Check out these third-party resume templates that you’ll be able to edit in Google Docs.

Career Reload Josh Résumé

The Josh resume is a free template from that allows you to focus on early career or career highlights. The double-column layout lends itself to ATS compliance, thanks to a left-to-right reading style that pinpoints keywords.

Career Reload Mindy Résumé

The Mindy resume is a no-frills free template from that can still work in today’s job market. You can easily exchange the objective for a résumé summary or skills section.

Professional Résumé Template


This classy and highly detailed template provides room for all information required in a résumé. The professional experience section is well-highlighted. This template is available at Etsy for a cost.

Clean Résumé Template


Thisrésumé template brings the summary and skills sections to the forefront, making it easy to glance through for notable attributes. The simple design allows for focusing on the content overall. This template is available at Etsy for a cost.

Clean Résumé Template 2


This template is also simple in overall looks, but includes all of the aspects needed for a well-rounded résumé. It includes a small pop of low-toned color around the name, which is customizable, as are the headers and sections. This template is available at Etsy for a cost.

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