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Razer, somehow, made a mouse pad exciting


The Razer Firefly V2 Pro mouse pad sitting on a desk.Razer

A mouse pad has to top the list of the most boring peripherals for your PC setup, but Razer managed to make its Firefly V2 Pro exciting. It’s a fully-illuminated RGB mouse pad. No, it’s not a mouse pad with RGB lights strung around the edges — we’ve seen that dozens of times — but one that carries RGB light throughout the surface.

It includes 15 controllable lighting zones that you can adjust through Razer Synapse, and it supports the lighting effects built into Razer’s software. These effects will automatically sync to things happening in games such as Diablo IV, Dredge, Ghotrunner 2, and Cyberpunk 2077. You can make your own effects as well, and sync them with other Razer peripherals.

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The LEDs are still positioned around the edge of the mouse pad, but the critical difference with the Firefly V2 Pro is the frosted top. It’s transparent, allowing the RGB lighting to shine through and carry around the surface, or as Razer claims, from”edge-to-edge.” From the product photos, it looks like most of the light is still situated around the edges, but there’s a nice spill into the center of the mouse pad. It’s not dissimilar from the trackpad on the Alienware x16 laptop.


Similar to the non-Pro Firefly V2, this is a hard mat. It’s a rigid pad, so you can’t roll it up and throw it in a backpack. Razer at least thought about situaitons where you might take the Firefly V2 Pro with you by including a removable USB-C cable to connect it to your PC, along with a built-in USB-A port for connecting a wired or wireless mouse.

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Razer says the lighting won’t interfere with the optical sensor on your mouse. The top uses a “low-friction, micro-textured surface,” that Razer claims “is optimized for optical sensors, allowing for quick swipes and precise tracking at all times.” You should still keep the surface clean for optimal tracking, however.

The Firefly V2 Pro certainly looks great, assuming you’re into the RGB-laden aesthetic of modern PC setups, but it’s still a tough sell. Razer is asking $100 for the mouse pad, which is double the price of the already expensive Firefly V2. You could drop a lot of money on one if you want the ultimate RGB battle station — or, you know, you could just pick up an .

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