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Next Apple Watch Said to Use Material Allowing for Thinner Logic Board


At least one next-generation Apple Watch model will start using resin-coated copper, according to supply chain sources cited by Taiwanese website DigiTimes.

As the name implies, resin-coated copper is a thin layer of copper foil coated with a resin, such as an epoxy. While adoption of this material would offer many benefits for a future Apple Watch’s logic board, such as improved durability and water resistance, a key advantage is that it would allow for a thinner logic board, which in turn would provide additional internal space for other components and sensors in the Apple Watch.

Any extra space that can be freed up in the Apple Watch is extremely valuable, as Apple continues to add health features to the device. The next Apple Watch models due later this year are rumored to feature blood pressure sensing, for example, and Apple is reportedly working on non-invasive blood glucose monitoring as a long-term project.

There is still uncertainty surrounding the next Apple Watch lineup, as it is unclear if the redesigned “Apple Watch X” will be launching this year or next year. In addition, it was rumored that there might not be an Apple Watch Ultra 3 this year. A new Apple Watch SE is likely this year if Apple sticks to a two-year refresh cycle for that model.

Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last year said iPhone 17 Pro models also might adopt resin-coated copper for the logic board next year, so this is a change that might extend to multiple devices in Apple’s lineup over the next few years.Related Roundup: Apple Watch Series 9Tag: DigiTimesBuyer’s Guide: Apple Watch (Neutral)
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