Sunday, June 23, 2024

LeBron James Spotted With Unreleased Beats Pill Speaker


Ahead of tonight’s NBA playoff game, the Los Angeles Lakers posted an Instagram reel showing superstar LeBron James arriving at Ball Arena in Denver carrying what appears to be an unreleased version of the Pill speaker from Apple’s Beats brand.

The original Beats Pill was a wireless Bluetooth speaker introduced in 2012 prior to Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics. It received a few updates in its first several years on the market, with the final revision being a redesigned Pill+ with a Lightning connector introduced under Apple’s ownership in 2015.

The Pill+ remained on the market for a number of years in that form before being quietly discontinued in early 2022.

Based on today’s video, it appears the Pill may soon be making a comeback, as the speaker in James’ hand clearly shows a Beats logo and it includes a lanyard that was not present on previous versions of the speaker.

With the direction of Apple’s product lineup, a USB-C port for charging appears likely. And given the previous Pill+ was introduced almost nine years ago, there have been significant advances in Bluetooth and other technologies since that time, so this upcoming version is likely to be a significant improvement. Specific details on the speaker, including a release date, however, remain unknown.Tag: Beats
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