Thursday, June 20, 2024

iPhone 16 Lineup Dummies Show How Four Model Sizes Compare


One of the best looks yet at the rear design and increased size of Apple’s iPhone 16 models was today shared online.

The images, posted on X by Sonny Dickson, show four dummy models representing the ‌iPhone 16‌, iPhone 16 Pro, ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus, and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max. These units are designed to take the place of real devices for display or testing purposes.

— Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) April 29, 2024

The dummy models provide a clear look at the slightly larger size of the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max, which are expected increase from 6.1- to 6.3-inches and 6.7- to 6.9-inches, and how they compare to the other models in the lineup.

The ‌iPhone 16‌ and ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus are expected to stay at 6.1- and 6.7-inches like their predecessors, but they are rumored to receive a redesigned vertical camera array designed to accommodate spatial video capture. Starting with the iPhone 13, Apple’s two non-Pro iPhone models have had diagonally arranged dual rear cameras. The entire ‌iPhone 16‌ lineup is expected to launch as usual in the fall.

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