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Having Galaxy S24 Ultra camera issues? A fix may be coming soon


The back of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, resting against a post.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It looks like Samsung is finally heeding the concerns about camera woes from Galaxy S24 Ultra users and will patch things up with a software update. According to a reliable leak, a software update will take stock of the “telephoto image quality, inaccurate white balance ,and abnormal red color” issues that are currently being reported by users on public forums.

“Too much optimization on 50 MP and 200 MP sensors even when everything is set to minimum,” says one Galaxy S24 Ultra buyer. “I feel like photos taken are always very washed-out and grainy,” notes another owner. “50mp and 200mp is simply useless because of the Intelligent optimization. It’s downgrading the pics,” reads a complaint on the official Samsung community forum.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will improve many camera problems in the next "camera firmware update", Including telephoto image quality, inaccurate white balance and abnormal red color.but they have not given an accurate timetable.I hope they can solve it in April

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) April 7, 2024


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Another aggrieved customer simply called it “horrendous.” “The colors shift. There’s a loss in details and the shutter speed is low that some of the pictures turn out blurry,” says the post on Samsung’s forum. Some mention that the white balance is off, which produces photos that are unnaturally warm, with a yellow tint and overtly strong subject exposure.

Reddit / Digital Trends

We also came across a post describing how the camera disregards the user settings and seems to operate on its own. When trying to capture a photo, irrespective of whether the automatic image optimization feature is enabled or not, the phone consistently behaves as if night mode is active and thus activates heavy post-processing that alters the image unexpectedly.

There are also posts that detail how, upon zooming into the photos, it becomes evident that they exhibit washed-out colors, lots of noticeable noise, and blurriness, regardless of whether they were taken under natural light or at night. And there seems to be some odd behavior going on with videos as well.

Samsung Community Forum / Digital Trends

In a user-contributed video shared on the Samsung Community forum (EU), the Galaxy S24 Ultra also imparts an odd jelly effect to the clips. And it doesn’t seem to be an isolated case, as another user with a budget-tier Galaxy A33 phone also recounted a similar issue.

Interestingly, we spotted similar complaints dating all the way back to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung has yet to officially confirm any corrective update plans, but this story will be updated as soon as we come across any official announcements. With a camera update reportedly in the works, though, it sounds like at least some of these issues are top of mind for the company.

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