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Apple Vision Pro Owners Complain of Headaches, Neck Issues and Black Eyes


Some Apple Vision Pro owners have been dealing with health issues related to the wearing of the headset, according to a report from MarketWatch. The site spoke to Vision Pro owners experiencing headaches and neck pain, among other issues.

Emily Olman, marketing chief of Hopscotch Interactive, said she got two “superdark black eyes” after wearing the Vision Pro for the first time, likely caused by the weight on the cheeks. Ian Beacraft, CEO of consulting firm Signal, told MarketWatch that he had pain at the base of his skull and his upper back.

There have also been complaints about the Vision Pro on Reddit from users experiencing ongoing headaches, eye strain, and pain from the weight of the device. Some users have had luck with modified straps and third-party products, and other people have no issue with the headset and the default band options.

Apple declined to comment on the customer complaints, directing MarketWatch to its user guidelines. Apple recommends taking a break from the headset every 20 to 30 minutes during the acclimation period, and to stop using the headset when feeling unwell. Apple does not recommend that people experiencing eye strain, headache, or pain continue to use the device.

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