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Apple Highlights How Business Can Use Vision Pro


Apple today highlighted the Vision Pro headset’s enterprise use-cases, such as customizable workspaces, collaboration on 3D designs, delivering specialized employee training, and guiding remote fieldwork.

Apple explained how the Vision Pro can enhance business productivity, featuring integration with widely used applications like SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft 365 in a spatial computing context. For example, SAP Analytics Cloud on the Vision Pro allows users to interact with their data in three-dimensional space, offering insights that were previously unattainable in a flat, two-dimensional interface. Similarly, Microsoft 365 apps have been optimized for the headset, providing users with a unique, distraction-free workspace that leverages the infinite canvas of spatial computing for multitasking and collaboration.

The Vision Pro’s high-resolution displays and processing capabilities allow for the creation and manipulation of digital twins of products, facilities, and processes with a high level of detail and accuracy. This has significant implications for industries like automotive engineering, where real-time data analysis and decision-making are crucial. Apple pointed out its partnership with Porsche to create the Porsche Race Engineer app as an example of this.

Training and simulation represent another area where the Vision Pro could make a substantial impact. By enabling realistic, immersive training experiences, companies like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can improve technical maintenance and operations without the need for costly physical prototypes or taking equipment offline for training purposes. The Engine Shop app, for instance, allows KLM technicians to train on engine models in full fidelity within their own space, streamlining the training process and reducing the likelihood of errors. Similarly, Resolve’s app for building engineers enhances the planning and execution of maintenance work by overlaying detailed schematics and 3D models onto the physical world.

To encourage the development and integration of the Vision Pro in business workflows, Apple has introduced a range of developer resources, including the Enterprise Spatial Design Lab, and partnerships with industry leaders like Deloitte and Porsche. See Apple’s full press release for more information.Related Roundup: Apple Vision ProBuyer’s Guide: Vision Pro (Buy Now)Related Forum: Apple Vision Pro
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