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Apple Finally Plans to Release a Calculator App for iPad Later This Year


Apple is finally planning a Calculator app for the iPad, over 14 years after launching the device, according to a source familiar with the matter.

iPadOS 18 will include a built-in Calculator app for all iPad models that are compatible with the software update, which is expected to be unveiled during the opening keynote of Apple’s annual developers conference WWDC on June 10.

The lack of an official Calculator app on the iPad has been a long-running meme on social media, as users have waited for its arrival. In the meantime, iPad users have relied on calculator apps in the App Store, such as PCalc and Calcbot.

AppleInsider last week reported that macOS 15 will feature a revamped Calculator app with integration with the Notes app, a resizable window, a sidebar that lists recent calculations, and more. While we have not independently confirmed those details, it is possible that the updated Mac app will be based on the new iPad app.

The first beta of iPadOS 18 is expected to be released immediately following the WWDC keynote, and the update should be widely released in September.

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