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Apple Considers Expanding Manufacturing Base to Indonesia


Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is “looking at” potential manufacturing opportunities in Indonesia following his recent meeting with the country’s president.

‌Tim Cook‌ with Indonesian ministers (photo: AP Photo)
During the meeting with Joko Widodo, Cook highlighted the mutual interest in boosting local manufacturing to support Indonesia’s economic growth. “We talked about the president’s desire to see manufacturing in the country, and it’s something that we will look out,” Cook later told reporters.

Indonesia has been actively seeking to attract foreign manufacturing to power its economic development, with the Widodo administration pushing to become a new hub for international business. This offers new openings for Apple as it pursues its strategy to reduce reliance on Chinese manufacturing, which is mainly operated by its assembly partner Foxconn.

Apple seeks to diversify its supply chain in the face of geopolitical tensions, economic slowdown, and other risks such as production disruptions caused by China’s COVID lockdowns. With production shifts already opened in Vietnam and India, Apple is exploring further expansion in Southeast Asia.

“I think the investment ability in Indonesia is endless. There are many great places to invest, and we’re investing. We believe in the country,” Cook added.

The meeting came shortly after Cook’s visit to Vietnam, where he met with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. In Hanoi, Cook outlined plans to deepen Apple’s investment and increase expenditures with local suppliers, reinforcing the company’s commitment to enhancing its presence in the region.Tag: Indonesia
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