Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iOS 18 Rumor: Apple and Baidu ‘Yet to Reach’ Generative AI Partnership


Apple has yet to reach a generative AI partnership with Chinese company Baidu, according to a China Daily report citing sources familiar with the matter. Some earlier reports said the two companies had finalized an agreement following discussions. It is possible that the negotiations are still ongoing, but this is not confirmed.

If the partnership does happen, Baidu would likely power some of iOS 18’s rumored generative AI features in China only. Generative AI models must receive approval from the Chinese government, and Baidu’s Ernie chatbot is permitted in the country. Google’s Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbots are not available in China.

Apple has reportedly held similar generative AI partnership discussions with Google and OpenAI for the U.S. market, and likely other countries.

Apple has repeatedly teased that it has generative AI announcements to share later this year, and this likely refers to iOS 18. The software update is rumored to include new generative AI features for a range of iPhone features and apps, including Siri, Spotlight, Apple Music, Health, Messages, Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Shortcuts, and more.

iOS 18 will be previewed at Apple’s developers conference WWDC in June, so we’re just a few months away from learning about the company’s plans.Related Roundup: iOS 18
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