Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dell’s clearance sale has an XPS 13 for $599 and $700 off the XPS 17


With the new Dell XPS 13, the Dell XPS 14, and Dell XPS 16 arriving with the Dell XPS reset, there’s currently a clearance sale on the outgoing model of the Dell XPS 13 and the soon-to-be replaced Dell XPS 17. Dell is selling the Dell XPS 13 with a $200 discount that slashes its price to $599 from $799, while the Dell XPS 17 is $700 off for a lowered price of $1,699 from $2,399. We’re not sure how much time is remaining before these laptop deals get taken offline though, but with stocks probably already running low as the new Dell XPS laptops are on their way, you’re going to have to make your purchase as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss out on these bargains.


  • Dell XPS 13 — $599, was $799
  • Dell XPS 17 — $1,699, was $2,399

Dell XPS 13 — $599, was $799

Digital Trends

The Dell XPS 13 has been a mainstay in our roundup of the best laptops over the years, and while this particular model will soon be replaced, it’s still a worthwhile purchase. It offers fast and smooth performance with its 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and 8GB of RAM, which will make it a reliable device for tackling your daily tasks. The laptop also features a bright and colorful 13.4-inch screen with Full HD+ resolution, and it ships with Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 256GB SSD so it’s ready for you to use as soon as you unbox it. The Dell XPS 13 is extremely portable, so if you need a laptop that you can use while you’re on the move, this is the device that you’ll want to purchase.

Dell XPS 17 — $1,699, was $2,399

Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

The Dell XPS 17 sits on top of our list of the best 17-inch laptops because of the solid performance that you’ll get from its 13th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card, and 16GB of RAM. The laptop also comes with excellent build quality, a Full HD+ resolution on its 17-inch display, and Windows 11 Home pre-loaded in its 512GB SSD. It will soon be replaced by the slightly smaller Dell XPS 16 in Dell’s XPS lineup, so if you want the largest possible screen on a Dell XPS laptop, you’re going to have to buy the Dell XPS 17 while it’s still available.

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