Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple to Expand Research and Development Facilities in China


Apple is planning to expand its applied research and development labs in China, the company today announced.

In a statement shared with the South China Morning Post, Apple said that it plans to expand its research center in Shanghai “to support all of its product lines,” as well as open a new lab in Shenzhen later in 2024 that will work on testing and research of major products including the iPhone, iPad, and Vision Pro headset. The company added that the new facility in Shenzhen will strengthen its collaboration with local suppliers and support local employees.

Apple’s vice-president and managing director of Greater China, Isabel Ge Mahe, said that the company is proud to cultivate deeper ties in China and expand its presence in the country. Apple has already invested $139.2 million into its Shanghai research center, she added. Last week, Apple announced plans to open a new Apple Store in Shanghai’s Jing’an district on March 21.Tags: China, South China Morning Post, Apple Research
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