Thursday, April 18, 2024

All-New ‘TikTok Photos’ App Spotted, Likely to Be Instagram Rival


TikTok appears to be planning to expand into photo sharing via the launch of a new “TikTok Photos” app, according to TheSpAndroid blog.

A large number of references to the app were discovered in the latest version of TikTok, revealing some of its functionality, integrations, and even its app icon. Among these, phrases like “Open TikTok Photos,” “Get TikTok Photos,” and “Share this post to TikTok Photos” suggest direct connections between the existing video platform and the new photo-sharing app.

TikTok has allowed users to post photo-based content in a video or carousel format for some time, but the app currently has no real alternative to dedicated photo-sharing social media platforms. TikTok Photos likely seeks to directly challenge Instagram’s dominance in the photo-sharing space. Instagram has increasingly focused on video content, including Reels, in an effort to compete with TikTok’s video dominance.

The official launch date and regional availability of “TikTok Photos” is unknown, but the presence of extensive references to it within TikTok’s code suggests that an announcement could be imminent.

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