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Video of Tesla Driver Wearing Vision Pro Sparks Government Warning


Apple Vision Pro owners have been warned by the U.S. Department of Transportation not to use the headset when at the wheel of a car, even if their vehicle has a semi-autonomous driving mode, because of the obvious danger it poses to themselves and others.

U.S. Secretary for Transport Pete Buttigieg took to X (formerly Twitter) to warn drivers that all current vehicles require the driver to be engaged “at all times.”

The warning came after videos of drivers wearing Apple’s newly launched spatial computing headset went viral on social media, one of which Buttigieg reposted.

Another video showed a man appearing to get pulled over by the police while wearing the headset in a Tesla. The driver later admitted to Gizmodo that it was a “skit” made with the help of friends, and yet incredibly he reportedly “drove with the headset for 30-40 seconds.” Vision Pro has passthrough video, but overlays interactive virtual content onto physical space, which is clearly going to be distracting for a driver.

Reminder—ALL advanced driver assistance systems available today require the human driver to be in control and fully engaged in the driving task at all times.

— Secretary Pete Buttigieg (@SecretaryPete) February 5, 2024

Apple in its Vision Pro support documentation cautions users to “never use the device while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety.” Apple says to use Vision Pro outside “only in controlled environments.”

Avoid situations that could cause you to trip and fall, like uneven terrain, or obstacles that you could collide with. If you are outside, avoid extreme temperatures, rain, fog, or moisture of any kind. Apple Vision Pro shouldn’t be used near roadways or areas where moving objects present a collision risk.

Apple Vision Pro launched in the U.S. on Friday, and there are already several YouTube videos of people wearing the headset while skateboarding along busy streets, walking around airport terminals, using the subway, and navigating other public places.Related Roundup: Apple Vision ProBuyer’s Guide: Vision Pro (Buy Now)Related Forum: Apple Vision Pro
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