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This inexpensive tool turns your AirTag into a 5-in-1 multi-tool


Someone using the AirTag 5-in-1 Cutter Multi-Tool.Atech

If you are one of the many people who recently just purchased an Apple AirTag, we’ve found an new accessory for you. You can make your AirTag even more beneficial by introducing this AirTag 5-in-1 Box Cutter Multi-Tool to your life.

This gadget from Atech Innovation is available at Huckberry and is a great addition to your key ring or luggage while traveling. The best part? Right now, it is $9 off its original price so you will be paying a total of $21. Keep reading to learn more about this unique accessory and why it will be great for your everyday life. And if you don’t already own an Apple AirTag, here’s why your travel bag needs one.

Why you should buy the AirTag 5-in-1 Cutter Multi-Tool


Some guys prefer carrying around one of the best pocket knifes for everyday carry, but for those who want something a little less heavy, the AirTag 5-in-1 Cutter Multi-Tool is perfect for you. Not only does it securely house your AirTag, but it can also seamlessly attach to your key ring and is constructed of stainless steel alloy. It weight 0.7 ounces so it won’t feel heavy or bulky on your key ring or wherever else you choose to attach it to.


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You can use this gadget as a bottle opener when you want to crack open a fresh beer, tear open a box from Amazon, remove a pesky nail from your home or leverage 10mm hex nuts that you can find on bicycles. This device is great to have ready to go no matter the situation and looks discreet on your key ring. The only part of the device you can visibly see is the bottle opener so it won’t look like a pocket knife or harmful tool.


Although the Apple AirTags were created to save you from a lost luggage nightmare, they also have a ton of other great uses. Make your life easier and more convenient by purchasing the AirTag 5-in-1 Cutter Multi-Tool. You’ll be paying at discounted price at $21 for a tool that can help you in any type of situation.

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