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How to connect Meta Quest 3 to PC using Air Link


The Meta Quest 3 is a substantial improvement over earlier versions of the VR platform, bringing better hardware and a variety of worthwhile enhancements for players eager to get the most out of their virtual experiences. And though the platform has an ever-growing list of games, many of the best VR titles available today are limited to PC, requiring you to connect the Meta Quest 3 to your computer for a chance to play them.

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You can always plug the Meta Quest 3 into your PC if you don’t mind being tethered that way, but if you’d like to keep things fully wireless, here’s how to connect your Meta Quest 3 to a PC using Air Link.


Connecting your Meta Quest 3 to a PC with Air Link is a pretty straightforward process, but you’ll first want to be sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements for compatibility. You can see the full list of requirements on the Meta website. When you’ve squared away compatibility, you’ll be ready to dive in and set up Air Link.

Step 1: Download the Oculus app on your PC and open it.

Step 2: Turn on your Meta Quest 3 and put it on.


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Step 3: Follow the instructions in the Oculus app to pair your headset with the app.

Step 4: When prompted to choose between connecting with a cable or Air Link, choose the latter.

Step 5: In the headset, navigate to Settings > System > Quest Link and enable Quest Link using the toggle here.

Step 6: Select Launch Air Link (this can later be accessed in your Quick Settings menu).

Step 7: Click the toggle at the top of the next menu to enable Air Link.

Step 8: Select your PC and choose Pair to begin pairing it with your headset.

Step 9: Enter the pairing code shown here on your PC app to finalize the process.

If everything goes smoothly, you should now be able to continue onward within a new PC VR space and play your PC VR games. You can easily repeat this process using the Quest Link settings within your Quick Settings menu.

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