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Apple Releases First Beta of visionOS 1.1 to Developers


Apple today released the first beta of an upcoming visionOS 1.1 update for developers, allowing developers to test new features ahead of the software seeing a public launch. This is the first beta version of ‌visionOS‌ software that Apple has made available since the headset launched last Friday.

The ‌visionOS‌ beta can be downloaded by going to the Settings app on the device and toggling on developer betas. A registered developer account is required, and Apple recommends making a backup before installing new software.

‌visionOS‌ 1.1 brings Apple Device management to the Vision Pro. With this functionality, IT departments at companies and educational institutions can manage Vision Pro headsets in the same way they manage iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that Apple believes the Vision Pro will have a range of enterprise uses, from assisting in surgeries to managing warehouses and providing guides for complex mechanical work.

Apple’s enterprise marketing head Jeremy Butcher told TechCrunch that the company wants to give businesses the tools they need to manage the Vision Pro at scale. “So the good news is we’ve got a lot of great technology to bring over to Vision Pro in that regard,” he said. Device management on the Vision Pro will include managed Apple IDs, single sign-on, identity management, and security.

The ‌visionOS‌ 1.1 beta adds support for resetting the Vision Pro on device should the user lose their passcode, and according to Apple’s release notes, users can now reposition volumetric scenes closer than before, enabling easier direct interaction with the volumetric scene content.

Apple may have also made some updates to the Persona feature in ‌visionOS‌, as updating to the ‌visionOS‌ 1.1 beta requires the Persona to be redone. It is not yet clear what is improved, however.Related Roundup: visionOSRelated Forum: Apple Vision Pro
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