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Apple Explains How to Clean Vision Pro Headset


Apple today shared a detailed support document explaining how to clean the Vision Pro headset and all of its accompanying components.

Apple warns that disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol, Windex, and Clorox should not be used to clean the Vision Pro. Instead, users should simply use a dry or slightly damp cloth.

To clean the cover glass of the Vision Pro, Apple simply encourages use of a clean, dry microfiber cloth like the polishing cloth included with the headset. If necessary, users can also spray ZEISS cleaning fluid on the cloth before wiping the Vision Pro.

Apple warns that its polishing cloth may attract particles that could scratch the Vision Pro if it is stored loose in a backpack, handbag, or pockets, and suggests that it should be stored in a clean bag. The polishing cloth can be machine washed and dried, or washed by hand, as needed to ensure it is clean enough to wipe the headset.

To clean the inner displays, Apple says that users should first put the Vision Pro’s cover on and put the headset on a level surface. Then, wipe the optical displays with a microfiber cloth, using ZEISS cleaning spray if required.

ZEISS Optical Inserts should be removed from the Vision Pro before cleaning them. They can be cleaned with ZEISS Lens Wipes, ZEISS Cleaning Spray, or lukewarm water, and should be fully dry before being reattached to the headset.

Users should use a lint-free cloth, soft bristle brush, or non-tacky tape to remove debris stuck to the curtain around the displays. Stains in this area can be removed by rubbing them with a damp cloth, but care should be taken to avoid getting the displays wet.

To clean the Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, head bands, and cover, users can use fragrance-free unscented dish soap, but cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, and laundry detergent should be avoided. 5 tsp (25 ml) of fragrance-free dish soap should be mixed into two cups (500 ml) of warm water in a clean container, before submersing the Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, head band, or cover into the liquid and gently rubbing the surface for around two minutes. The item should then be removed and rinsed under running water while compressing it to remove any excess soap, before leaving it to dry at room temperature. It should not be used until it is completely dry.

The Audio Straps should be cleaned with a lint-free cloth. It can be lightly dampened with water and hypoallergenic soap, as long as the microphone, speakers, power connector, head band connector, and aluminum lid are avoided. It should be dried with a cloth before being attached to the main system. The speaker meshes can be cleaned with a dry cotton swab.

The battery can be cleaned with a damp lint-free cloth once it is disconnected, avoiding getting any moisture near the power cable connector. To clean the power cable itself, a cloth dampened with soapy water can be used. It should be left to dry overnight before using it again with the Vision Pro.Related Roundup: Apple Vision ProBuyer’s Guide: Vision Pro (Buy Now)Related Forum: Apple Vision Pro
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