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Don’t pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24 at Amazon


Samsung's photo editing app running on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S24 line of smartphones has been announced, and pre-orders are available until January 30. That means there are a lot of phone deals you can choose from when deciding where to buy the new Galaxy. One of the more tantalizing and obvious offers is at Amazon, where you can get a $50, $150 or $200 Amazon gift card when you buy the S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, respectively. Sounds like free money, right? Maybe, but there’s a better deal on Samsung’s site. Let’s break it down.

Why you should pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24 at Samsung

Buy something from the Samsung Galaxy S24 range and you’re scoring one of the best phones out there. That’s going to be good at any price but why not save even more by buying through Samsung?

At the moment, you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24 and get up to $550 enhanced trade-in by trading in an eligible phone, along with $25 Samsung credit, a free storage upgrade doubling your storage, along with a possible 5% student discount if you’re eligible. Even better, use our link and you get an extra $50 Samsung credit which you can put towards new earphones, a smartwatch or something else. The Samsung Galaxy S24 is a delight with its 6.2-inch screen now featuring 2,600 nits of peak brightness along with a variable 120Hz refresh rate. New AI-powered features enrich your experience while One UI 6 is a delight.

All that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus too although you get a larger 6.7-inch screen and a Quad HD+ display rather than the full HD+ of the standard S24. The deal is better for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus too. Via Samsung, you get up to $650 enhanced trade-in along with $75 Samsung credit and the aforementioned storage upgrade. 7.5% student discount is available while using our link gives you an extra $50 Samsung credit.

Go for the ultimate phone and no doubt one to top the best Android phone list — the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra — and you reap even more rewards. The phone offers a sizeable 6.8-inch screen with a gorgeous QHD+ resolution and variable refresh rate. Powerful camera lenses and meaningfully applied AI along with a Live Translate feature all add up to make this a useful as well as fun phone. Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra today and you can enjoy up to $750 enhanced trade-in, double the storage, $100 Samsung credit, and 15% student discount for eligible folk. Use our link and you also get an extra $50 Samsung credit to use towards a great accessory.

Amazon’s deal looks good on the surface but buying direct from Samsung almost always leads to a better deal assuming you have a phone to trade in. Check it out now before the deal ends soon with the phone arriving imminently.

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