Friday, February 23, 2024

Apple Music ‘Replay 2024’ Playlist Now Available


Apple today shared the “Replay 2024” playlist with Apple Music subscribers, allowing you to start tracking all of the songs you’ve been streaming so far this year. Just like the past few years, this playlist ranks a total of 100 songs based on how many times you’ve listened to them.

“Replay 2024” will update every week with the newest order of your most-listened-to tracks. By the time 2024 ends, the playlist provides an overall look at your music history for the year.

Once you’ve listened to enough music to generate the playlist, you’ll find it at the bottom of the Listen Now tab in ‌‌Apple Music‌‌ on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. There’s also a more detailed version of the data tracking feature on Apple Music for the web, including most streamed artists and albums, and statistics for detailed play counts and hours listened.

Apple has been making its yearly Replay playlists available since 2019. Spotify Wrapped has been dominating this area of the music streaming business for a few years now, mainly thanks to its easily shareable infographics that come out in early December. In addition to Replay playlists, in 2022 Apple introduced a “Highlight Reel” feature with more statistics about each users’ listening history at the end of the year.

Head to the ‌‌‌Apple Music‌‌‌ app or Apple Music on the web to add the Replay 2024 playlist to your library. If you haven’t listened to enough music yet in 2024, the playlist may not appear in your ‌‌Apple Music‌‌ app. Once you do listen to more music, you should see your Replay 2024 playlist appear as usual in the Listen Now tab.

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