Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Withings Scanwatch Light is a smartwatch for those who don’t want one


Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Despite more than a decade of improvement, today’s best smartwatches still come with two important caveats: a design that rarely looks like a regular watch and a one- or two-day battery life at best. If the reason you haven’t gotten a smartwatch is because you don’t want either of those constraints, you should look at Withings and its line-up.

I’ve been eying the wearable and health company for a couple of years now. Withings’ regular-watch-plus-small-display approach intrigued me, and so did the promised 30 days of battery life. After all, 80% of my “smart” Pixel Watch 2 usage is as a notification screen, so could I give up on some of the extra features that I only use 20% of the time in exchange for better battery life? And what would it be like to live with a more basic smartwatch that actually looked and behaved like a regular watch?

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