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Soundcore Motion 100 review


As smart home enthusiasts increasingly embrace Wi-Fi audio through devices like Google Homes and Apple HomePods, there remains a notable gap in their audio arsenal: portability. This is precisely where the Soundcore Motion 100 Bluetooth speaker carves its niche, offering a compelling solution for those seeking quality sound on the go.


The Soundcore Motion 100 is pretty small overall. It’s about the size of a hoagie roll (I must be hungry). It’s also kind of shaped like one with a rounded rectangle casing. The covering is a mix of synthetic fabrics and soft-touch plastics.

The entire Soundcore Motion 100 is fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating. Anker claims this makes the Motion 100 fully submersible and can float. This makes this small speaker a fantastic option for lake outings or hanging by the pool.

Internally, the Soundcore Motion 100 is powered with 20 Watts of audio drivers and a power bank rated to last up to 12 hours. Other notables are Bluetooth 5.3 for smooth connections and TWS to link multiple Motion 100 speaker in tandem.

Atop the Motion 100 is an array of buttons and controls. Lastly, there’s a built-in carrying strap on one side of the Motion 100. This is great for the purpose of the device. Being able to easily transport from location to location is a nice touch.


The audio quality from the Soundcore Motion 100 is impressive. The fact that a rich and loud output comes from such a small device is proof that Soundcore has been doing this for years and has the chops to perform with anyone in the space. I don’t care who it is, this speaker can easily compete.

This is powered by the 20 Watts of power and dual 15 Watt drivers. There’s also two passive 75Hz bass radiators to handle those low, deep tones. It’s a compact package with true performance inside.

The highs and mids come through with a crispness that doesn’t get drowned out by bass. The bass is punchy and doesn’t overpower the vocals. And with the design of the speaker arrays in the Motion X100 makes it perform well regardless of location as well.

Need a little extra bass? Soundcore has thought of that too. Thankfully, there’s BassUp button that increases the power of the bass audio. Clicking the button turns this feature on and off.

Battery life

Soundcore estimates the battery to last up to 12 hours on the Motion 100. I’ve found this to be fairly accurate. We’ve spent multiple days by the pool trying to soak up the final bit of warm weather this season. The Soundcore Motion 100 has lasted several sessions of around four hours without blinking an eye.

When you do need to top off the tanks, the Motion 100 can be charged via USB-C. I will say it’s not very fast of a charging process. The full recharge takes around five hours.


I’ve enjoyed my time with the Soundcore Motion 100. Whether you need this speaker at an indoor party, out by the pool, or camping in the good outdoors, it has you covered. With the excellent audio, good battery life, and IPX7 waterproofing, you can take it anywhere.

You can get the Soundcore Motion 100 from Amazon for about $60. If you act now, the price is reduced by $12. This is more than reasonably priced to enter this market and even undercuts many of the “premium” options. You can snag this great speaker from each link below.

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