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Best Must-Read Mangas About Gambling


Several anime and manga genres about gambling aren’t just entertaining but teach you about the world of high rollers. These unique series have gained a lot of fans over the years because they provide exclusive insight into how gamblers think while maintaining the fun and action of anime series. This piece will show some of the best options to add to your collection.

4 Gambling Manga Series You Can Also Watch As Animes 

Here are the four exciting options you should try first:


In 1996, Nobuyuki Fukumoto wrote Kaiji, a high-demand Japanese manga. It follows the story of Kaiji Itou, a young man who finds himself in a difficult situation due to his debt to a notorious loan shark. Out of desperation to pay off his debts, Kaiji starts gambling with the high rollers in his area. He quickly discovers his exceptional gambling skills and uses them to his advantage. However, he still struggles in the series as he faces several trials. 

Due to the popularity of Kaiji, there have been two anime adaptations of the story since then, and there will most likely be more in the future. There is also a live-action version of Kaiji for those who want the most realistic visuals. If you love a solid storyline about personal growth and don’t mind dark themes, Kaiji is a must-read manga. 

The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya

The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya is a captivating series written by Fūmei Sai. It’s set in a post-war era where gambling is a way of survival. The protagonist, Tetsuya, is a skilled gambler in the shady alleys of Shinjuku. Amidst his adventures, he hears rumors of a luxurious and almost mythical gambling establishment, often compared to the renowned Cresus Casino for its extravagance and the caliber of gamblers it attracts. Tetsuya’s journey eventually leads him to this establishment, where he faces some of the most challenging and thrilling games of his career.

Published initially in 1997 in the Kindai Mahjong magazine, “The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya” quickly captured the hearts of readers. Its blend of historical settings, strategic gambling scenes, and the allure of a casino reminiscent of the grandeur of Cresus Casino makes it a fascinating read. The anime adaptation further brings to life the intense atmosphere of high-stakes gambling.

One Outs

If you love sports and gambling, One Outs offers a compromise. It is about Toua Tokuchi, a baseball player with fantastic talent. However, Tokuchi doesn’t just want to make money from pitching. He also wants to make money from high-stakes gambling. Tokuchi insists that any club that wants to sign him must add high-stakes gambling to the contract if they want him on their team. His journey to the championship is full of many turns that make the story all the more enjoyable.

After Shinobu Kaitani wrote One Outs in 1998, it was published in the Shueisha and quickly became a nationwide sensation for manga lovers. It has since gained fans globally and has been adapted into an anime for those who prefer to watch their stories.


Another amazing Japanese manga you should read is Kakegurui. It is about an unusual gambling school where students are ranked based on their gambling skills. The better your skill, the higher your social rank among other students. All the authority figures in the student council are master gamblers, but their positions become at risk when Yumeko Jabami shows up. Jabami is a transfer student who quickly learns that she needs to be a gambling genius to gain respect in the school. 

The story is centered around Yumeko Jabami trying to take the student council down and run things by outsmarting them with her intellect. Since it hit the market in 2014, Kakegurui has gained a reputation as one of the best gambling-based manga in the industry. Square Enix published the story by Homura Kawamoto in the Gangan Joker magazine and now has an anime series with the same name. 

Bottom Line

Mangas and animes about gambling aren’t just entertaining. They also teach you excellent skills. You will learn a lot from watching the character development of all the protagonists in the mangas highlighted in this article. There are many others you should consider after reading these. These include Akagi, Gamble Fish, Saki, Gin to Kin, Usogui, and Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, among others. Pick a few you like and read them one after the other. 

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