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Beeper Mini Brings iMessage to Android With No Need for Apple ID Sign-In


Beeper Mini, a new app that ostensibly brings iMessage to Android devices with no need for sign-in with Apple ID credentials, today launched on the Google Play Store.

Beeper Mini operates by identifying text message conversations from iMessage users and converting them to the recognizable blue bubbles associated with Apple’s exclusive messaging service. This enables Android users to interact with iMessage features such as reactions, threads, high-quality media sharing, and group chats, without the iPhone users noticing any difference.

The app represents a departure from previous methods of accessing iMessage on non-Apple devices, which typically involved relaying messages through a Mac hosted in the cloud or signing in with an ‌Apple ID‌. Beeper Mini’s approach involves direct communication with Apple’s servers by registering a user’s phone number with iMessage, a process that apparently required extensive reverse engineering of Apple’s messaging system.

Beeper is a startup led by Eric Migicovsky that aims to consolidate various messaging services into a single platform. Since its initial launch on desktop devices in 2021, Beeper raised $16 million in funding. Beeper claims that Beeper Mini does not access messages, contacts, or ‌Apple ID‌ passwords. The app’s code will also be made open source, offering transparency and allowing for independent review.

Beeper Mini is now available for download on the Google Play Store, with a seven-day free trial followed by a subscription fee of $2 per month. Tags: Android, iMessage
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