Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Apple Pushes Back Against iPhone USB-C Regulations in India


Apple has asked the Indian government to exempt existing iPhones from new rules that require smartphones sold in the country to have a USB-C charging port, reports Reuters.

India wants to replicate an upcoming European Union rule that requires all smartphones to implement the USB-C charging standard. However, according to a new report, Apple has told India its local production targets will be hit if the country requires all iPhones to have USB-C charging ports.

In a closed-door Nov. 28 meeting chaired by India’s IT ministry, Apple asked officials to exempt existing iPhone models from the rules, warning it will otherwise struggle to meet production targets set under India’s production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme, according to the meeting minutes seen by Reuters.

Only the newest iPhone 15 models currently have the USB-C port. The problem for Apple is that many consumers in India prefer to buy older models like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, which Apple produces in India for local sales and exports as part of its adherence to the country’s PLI scheme.

“If the regulation is implemented on earlier models of mobile phones, they (Apple) will not be able to meet the PLI targets,” the minutes quoted Apple’s regulatory and product compliance executives as saying while opposing the rules.

While the EU regulation comes into effect in December 2024, India has said it wants compliance by June 2025. According to the report, Apple told officials it can comply with that timeline if existing models are exempted from the rules, but will need 18 months beyond 2024 if they are not. India’s IT ministry is said to have decided to review its request in light of the meeting and will reach a decision later. Tags: USB-C, India
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