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Report: Apple Plans to Bring OLED to Nine New Devices By 2027


Apple plans to bring OLED display technology to nine new devices by 2027, according to a new report from Taiwan’s ET News.

Following the introduction of OLED displays on both iPad Pro models next year, Apple reportedly plans to bring the technology to the iPad mini and iPad Air in 2026. While the ‌iPad Air‌ will retain a 10.9-inch display, the ‌iPad mini‌’s screen will grow from 8.3- to 8.7-inches in size. In 2027, Apple will bring OLED display technology to the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air model, which is expected to debut with an LCD display early next year.

Apple apparently plans to use a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED panel for the ‌iPad Pro‌ and a single-stack low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) panel for the ‌iPad mini‌ and ‌iPad Air‌, meaning that ProMotion for refresh rates up to 120Hz will continue to be exclusive to the high-end models.

In 2027, Apple will upgrade the ‌iPad Pro‌’s OLED panels to a next-generation panel with improved light efficiency via Color Filter on Encapsulation (CoE), which is said to reduce power consumption by around 20%. Use of a color filter could also enable Apple to implement under-display camera technology on the iPad for the first time.

In 2025, Apple will purportedly bring OLED to the 16-inch MacBook Pro, followed by the 14-inch model in 2026. The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air models will also transition from LCD to OLED in 2026.

Benefits of OLED include increased brightness, higher contrast ratio, greater color accuracy, and lower power consumption compared to existing models with LCD panels. Apple already uses OLED displays for the iPhone and Apple Watch models, with the exception of the iPhone SE. The report notes that OLED panels are also thinner and lighter than LCDs, which offer particular benefits to the ‌iPad‌. Related Roundups: iPad Air , iPad Pro, iPad mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 14 & 16″ Tags: ETNews, OLED, OLED iPad ProBuyer’s Guide: iPad Air (Don’t Buy), 11″ iPad Pro (Caution), 12.9″ iPad Pro (Caution), iPad Mini (Caution), 15″ MacBook Air (Neutral), 14″ & 16″ MacBook Pro (Buy Now), 13″ MacBook Air (Don’t Buy)Related Forums: iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
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