Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Report: Apple Pays Less Than 30 Cents in Royalties to Arm Per Chip


Apple pays British chip architect Arm less than 30 cents per chip in royalties, The Information reports.

Apple licenses the underlying technology used in the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod from Arm. Despite being one of its biggest and most important customers, Apple represents less than five percent of Arm’s annual revenue, with the company paying the least of any of Arm’s smartphone chip customers. Apple pays a flat fee of less than 30 cents in royalties for each chip used in its devices, regardless of how many cores it has.

SoftBank is the owner of Arm, and in 2017, the company’s CEO gathered Arm executives and explained that Apple pays more for the piece of plastic that used to be used to protect the screens of new iPhones than it does to license Arm’s intellectual property. SoftBank’s attempts to renegotiate Arm’s deal with Apple to raise royalty rates were apparently unsuccessful.

While Apple is unlikely to sever its ties with Arm, the company has apparently explored the long-term possibility of using a competing open-source technology for its chips called RISC-V. Apple’s current licensing agreement with Arm was signed in September and it “extends beyond 2040,” but the chip architect is said to have continually attempted to renegotiate its financial terms.Tags: The Information, Apple Silicon
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