Monday, December 4, 2023

Nomad Debuts New Car Mounts and Chargers


Popular accessory maker Nomad today announced the launch of three new products that are designed for use in vehicles. The Mount, Charge Mount, and 70W Car Charger offer charging and mounting solutions for the car.

Priced at $45, the Mount is a simple MagSafe-compatible accessory that is designed to attach to horizontal and vertical vehicle vents. It features a slim design with a polycarbonate and glass body. As this is just a mount, it does not offer in-car charging.

The $80 Charge Mount has the same design as the Mount, but it comes with a USB-C cable and an 18W USB-C Car Charger. It is able to charge an iPhone at up to 7.5W and it works with any of the MagSafe iPhones.

Nomad’s $60 70W Car Charger plugs into the 12V socket in the car and offers two USB-C ports for charging iPhones and even Macs. The full 70W is available to a single device if only one USB-C port is in use, otherwise the power is split between the two devices (50W to the blue port and 20W to the other port). The Car Charger features GaN technology for a slim build, but it does not come with USB-C cables so you will need to supply your own.

All of the new car accessories can be purchased today from the Nomad website.
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