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Meater 2 Plus Meat Thermometer review


In the culinary world, precision is key, and the right tools can make the difference between a good meal and a great one. Enter the Meater 2 Plus, the latest innovation in wireless meat thermometers from the acclaimed Traeger-owned brand.

Designed to cater to both the casual home chef and the seasoned grill master, this device promises to elevate the cooking experience with its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design. In this review, I’ll delve into a number of facets around the Meater 2 Plus to see if it lives up to the hype and/or revolutionizes the way we cook.


The Meater 2 Plus carries forward the sleek, wireless design of its predecessors, making it a modern, unobtrusive addition to any cook’s toolkit. Its fully wireless nature eliminates the hassle of managing cables, especially beneficial when handling large cuts or multiple items on the grill.

The new full-metal, stainless steel probe, 30% slimmer than the previous model, is aesthetically pleasing and practical, with a Zirconia ceramic band enhancing Bluetooth signal emission.


A standout feature is the addition of four more internal temperature sensors, bringing the total to five, for more precise temperature readings. The Meater app, a vital component of the device’s functionality, offers a detailed and intuitive interface, displaying the lowest temperature from the sensors and allowing real-time monitoring of all five.

The new Master Class feature with over 50 video cooking courses adds significant educational value, especially for beginners or those looking to refine their techniques.


Setting up the Meater 2 Plus is straightforward, thanks in part to its wireless design. Pairing with the Meater app is a simple process, and the app’s guidance on probe placement and temperature targets is user-friendly. The ability to switch between guided cooking modes and a fully manual mode offers flexibility to cooks of all skill levels.

I’m fairly adept at grilling but I love having a bit of extra help, especially when the lid is closed. I like being able to float back and forth between watching the app or checking the charger and base. Similarly, I appreciate that it gets out of the way when I want to do my thing, and only alerts me when needed.


In terms of performance, the Meater 2 Plus simply excels. The precision of temperature readings is impressive, allowing for accurate cooking, especially for delicate or specific recipes. The expanded heat resistance up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and waterproofing are significant upgrades, broadening the range of cooking methods and environments where the thermometer can be used effectively.

I’m impressed with the higher temperature tolerance of this device, which significantly enhances its utility on the grill. In my previous grilling experiences, I often faced the challenge of having to remove burgers and similar items from the grill whenever grease or fat dripped, igniting flames and causing sudden spikes in heat. This was not only inconvenient but also disrupted the cooking process, leading to unevenly cooked food.

With this new thermometer, I can confidently leave my food on the grill, knowing that it can withstand these temperature surges. This feature not only provides peace of mind but also ensures a more consistent and enjoyable grilling experience, allowing me to focus more on perfecting the flavors and less on managing the grill’s temperature fluctuations.

I’m particularly fond of the improved range that allows me to position the base at a more convenient distance, without the need to constantly keep it near the grill or on the kitchen counter.

With previous MEATER thermometers, I often encountered issues with losing connection, particularly when grilling outdoors, which was frustrating. It felt limiting and somewhat inconvenient to have to keep the base within a close range of the grill to maintain a stable connection. The enhanced range provided by the new thermometer and its charger is a significant improvement. It offers a level of flexibility and freedom in cooking that I find very appealing.

The likelihood of me needing the full extent of this range is slim, but knowing that I have that capability is reassuring and allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable cooking experience, without the constant worry of connection issues.


Priced at $119.95, the Meater 2 Plus is an investment for serious cooks. While it is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, the enhancements in precision, durability, and additional features like the Master Class provide substantial value for the price. For those who take their cooking seriously, especially grilling and smoking, this thermometer is a worthwhile addition.


Considering the build quality and brand reputation, one can expect a reasonable level of customer support and warranty coverage. I’ve enjoyed the other products from the brand over the last few years and see no reason as to why one might need to take advantage of a warranty, but users get one year of coverage for peace of mind.


After grilling and cooking with the Meater 2 Plus a few times now, it’s clear that this is more than just a meat thermometer and easily a step up from its predecessor. With its state-of-the-art features, exceptional accuracy, and solid build, it’s an easy one to recommend for anyone serious about cooking.

Whether you’re a novice looking step up your grill game or a seasoned chef aiming for culinary perfection, the Meater 2 Plus meets and exceeds expectations. If you’re looking to take your food preparation skills to another level, the Meater 2 Plus is worth the investment.

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