Wednesday, November 29, 2023

iPhone 16 Rumored to Feature New Thermal Design


Apple plans to introduce a new thermal system on the iPhone 16 to reduce overheating, according to the leaker known as “Kosutami.”

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami explained that Apple is working on a graphene thermal system for the ‌iPhone 16‌ lineup, while the ‌iPhone 16‌ Pro models could add metal battery casings to reduce overheating. The move appears to come in response to widely encountered overheating issues experienced with the iPhone 15 Pro, which Apple addressed through a software update earlier this year.

Graphene has high thermal conductivity, surpassing that of copper, which is currently used in iPhone heat-sinks. Apple has been interested in graphene for thermal management for some time, filing patents related to its exploration of the material for heat dissipation in portable devices. Apple previously transitioned the Apple Watch’s battery from black foil casings to ones made of metal with the Series 7, so an equivalent change on the ‌iPhone‌ seems plausible.Related Roundup: iPhone 16Tag: Kosutami
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