Tuesday, November 28, 2023

iFixit Shares M3 MacBook Pro Teardown, Explains How Apple Created Space Black Finish


Repair website iFixit today shared a video teardown of the new 14-inch MacBook Pro with both the M3 and M3 Pro chips, providing a closer look inside the laptops. The internal design is virtually unchanged compared to the previous MacBook Pro models.

iFixit also shared a blog post in which it explains how it believes Apple achieved its new, darker Space Black finish for the MacBook Pro. In short, it said that Apple managed to make the Space Black finish’s anodized surface “more uneven” at a microscopic level, resulting in more light reflecting off it for a darker appearance.

“Apple found they could etch the already rough anodized surface, making it more uneven,” wrote iFixit’s Kevin O’Reilly. “The resulting nooks and crannies further diffuse incoming light rays, sending them off in even more directions. Less white light makes its way to our eyeballs—resulting in that slick matte finish.”

iFixit provides an in-depth, scientific overview of the Space Black finish, including the new anodization seal that reduces fingerprints, in its blog post.

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