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How to Integrate the WhatsApp API into Your Customer Service Platform


Today, messaging apps are a big communication channel for businesses. WhatsApp allows companies to engage with customers with over 2 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp Business API tool enables businesses to use WhatsApp faster to automate responses, streamline their communication, and improve customer service. The prime purpose of using the WhatsApp API is better customer engagement via the WhatsApp messaging platform with total security and efficiency.

WhatsApp API is an advanced version of WhatsApp Business. This version simply meets the specific needs of all business types (medium to large businesses). Integrating WhatsApp Business API is not challenging. All you need is the right guidance to proceed with the messaging platform. This blog highlights the business benefits of WhatsApp API and how you can integrate WhatsApp API with your existing systems.

Benefits for Businesses with WhatsApp Business API Solution

Business enterprises can use WhatsApp Business API & Engagement Platform to elevate their business communication with pan-India consumers. To do so, they have to take support from WhatsApp business solutions from business communication experts. Setting up customer service chatbots makes way for setting reminders and updates. WhatsApp Business API Solution providers also offer live customer support to resolve customer queries via auto-suggestions. Look at a few benefits that businesses can have through WhatsApp API solutions.

Analytics & Reporting

WhatsApp API allows easy and fast access to real-time analytics and reports. All it happens through the dashboard. Moreover, businesses can analyze the campaign performance thoroughly.

Boost Agent Productivity

When you employ the WhatsApp API platform, it lets your calling agents handle multiple conversations at the same time. 

End-To-End Encryption

WhatsApp API is equally beneficial for securing customers’ confidential data with end-to-end encryption. It also adds a security layer to customers’ conversations.

Enhance Customer Experience

The application programming interface for WhatsApp also offers faster query resolution in order to enhance customer experience.

Load Management

When it comes to managing high call volume proficiently, WhatsApp API handles the load management by moving customer calls to text on WhatsApp.

Multi-Dimensional Communication 

If you prefer multi-dimensional communication to interact with your clients, WhatsApp helps you do so through text, audio, and video formats. This way, it offers a better connection compared to sending an email.

Multiple Entry Points 

You can also help your customers reach you on WhatsApp’s instant messaging platform with multiple entry points. WhatsApp Business API solutions make things easy for you with a single click so that you can benefit from widgets, QR codes, ads, etc.

Rich Media Messaging

Business API also makes sending and receiving different file formats like documents, images, and videos from WhatsApp easily and quickly.

5-step Approach to Make WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Business API key, and WhatsApp API Providers are key variants you can use to integrate WhatsApp for business.

WhatsApp Business App

It is ideal for small business owners who can go ahead with a free WhatsApp Business profile. It will let them organize contacts and create quick messages. The prime drawback of this app variant is that it hardly organizes a load of contacts and channels. It may lose necessary info.

WhatsApp API Providers

When you are overloaded with data and info, you need guidance and support from official WhatsApp business API providers. They help you achieve business aims.

WhatsApp Business API key

This variant helps when you do not want to spend money on 3rd party companies. WhatsApp API integration in software programs and websites ensures you get limitless access to messaging services and customer care.

5-step Approach

When you prefer to work with WhatsApp API key, it is high time to set up a business account and integrate the API. Look at the following steps to know how to start working with WhatsApp API for business.

Step 1: Create your account in Facebook Business Manager

The very first step demands filling in the form. Once you do the same, you get a verification email asking you to complete further instructions from the Meta Support Team.

Step 2: Verify your Business Client account

This step asks you to verify your business in Business Manager. It is important to save users from invalid and malicious data and information. Here, you need to complete the form by entering your business details in the Security Center. Then, you will get a verification code. After this, add a display name and phone number for your WhatsApp business profile.

Step 3: Access to WhatsApp Developer API

The third step is all about getting access to WhatsApp Developer API and authentication with the WhatsApp API client. Here, you need to get a valid authentication token. Then, registrate, install, and alter API settings. There are three ways to do the same.

  • Web Business Tool Panel to have access to API client registration, settings, and messaging.
  • Docker Compose to manage API settings and set up the docker containers.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers help for WhatsApp API integration.

Step 4: WhatsApp API key pricing and limits

The next step is all about adopting a billing process after you start using the WhatsApp Business API. This section mainly talks about WhatsApp pricing and limits.

WhatsApp API Pricing

Business Manager → “Settings” icon → Payments;

WhatsApp API Limits

WhatsApp API limits is a tier system determined by user numbers who will receive messages on a daily basis.

WhatsApp limits tiers

WhatsApp Manager → Insights

It is important to check your quality ratings in three different states –

  • High (green)
  • Medium (yellow)
  • Low (red)

These states let you make messages highly personalized and adhere to WhatsApp Business Policy.

Step 5: Use your WhatsApp API

Once you have a running API client, you can expect advanced features, like webhooks, back up, restore, message templates, media, and monitoring.

Lots of people from the business world generally ask if they can use more than one number when it comes to integrating WhatsApp Business API. The answer to the same question is no. This no is because WhatsApp business API is designed to act with only one number. That is why more than one number can’t be used simultaneously. Moreover, you can use a phone number, linked with WhatsApp in advance. Ensure the same number was not previously used for WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp API is not free to use. You need to choose from different pricing models.


Sign up for WhatsApp Business API, verify your business, get API credentials, choose a service provider, integrate an API, test, launch, and monitor usage are some unique methods to integrate WhatsApp Business into your website. It is easy to get your WhatsApp API and integrate it into your web and app. WhatsApp API key enables you to use data and information for your prime business goals. Moreover, it lets you develop your choice and customized solutions based on Whatsapp messaging.

Interested in integrating with the WhatsApp Business API? Partner with Fonada, an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. The company will offer you mandatory API integration and management tools and support. The company lets you integrate the WhatsApp API with your existing systems and tools.

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