Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Darker Apple Watch Ultra Prototype Shown in FCC Filing Images


Apple appears to have originally designed an Apple Watch Ultra with a dark ceramic back, according to documents filed with the United States Federal Communications Commission and spotted by @ParrotSWD on Twitter, formerly X (via 9to5Mac).

When releasing a new device, tech hardware companies must share details with the FCC, which Apple did for the Apple Watch Ultra prior to its release in September 2022.

In the document, Apple appears to have used an Apple Watch Ultra with a darker, almost black ceramic rear case – similar to Apple Watch Series models – and a plastic-looking Action button with no indent. These design attributes did not make it into the final release.

Often in filings of this type, external photos and other sensitive details are subject to a confidentiality clause with an expiry date, so it is likely that the clause in this one recently expired, hence why the images have only just come to light.

Apple currently offers the Apple Watch Ultra 2, released in September 2023, in the same natural titanium color as the first-generation model. Prior to launch, some rumors suggested Apple could release a new darker color option that was originally tested for the previous model but ultimately canceled. It didn’t happen. Related Roundup: Apple Watch Ultra 2Buyer’s Guide: Apple Watch Ultra (Buy Now)Related Forum: Apple Watch
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