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40+ Apple Cyber Monday Deals for AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, and More


Now that Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday deals have arrived and you’ll find dozens of all-time low prices on Apple products like AirPods, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and much more.

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Specifically, in this article we’re sharing all of the Apple products that currently have all-time low prices, or discounts that are at least very close to their record-low prices. Beyond Apple, we’re also taking a look at notable accessories for Apple products as well as some of the season’s best gifts, including LEGO sets. Every deal shared below is available to purchase right now.

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HomePod (2nd Gen)

B&H Photo has been the only retailer with a consistent discount on Apple’s second generation HomePod. Right now, you can get it in both colors for $279.99, down from $299.00. While not a huge markdown, this continues to be the best price we’ve ever tracked.

$19 OFFHomePod (Gen 2) for $279.99


AirPods 2

We originally tracked the AirPods 2 for $69.00 at Amazon in early November, but that sale quickly expired. For now, you can get the AirPods 2 for $79.99, down from $129.00. This version of the AirPods is perfect for anyone on your holiday shopping list who may be asking for a simple and reliable pair of wireless earbuds, particularly at this insanely low price tag.

$49 OFFAirPods 2 for $79.99

AirPods 3

Amazon has the AirPods 3 with Lightning Charging Case for $139.99, down from $169.00. These are upgraded in a few ways from the AirPods 2, with spatial audio, Adaptive EQ, force sensor controls, sweat and water resistance, and more.

$29 OFFAirPods 3 for $139.99

AirPods Pro 2

Moving to the Pro lineup, Amazon has the AirPods Pro 2 (USB-C) at their all-time low price of $189.99.

$59 OFFAirPods Pro 2 (USB-C) for $189.99

AirPods Max

Lastly, the high-end AirPods Max are available for $449.99 on Amazon, down from $549.00. Discounts on the AirPods Max have been rare over the past few months, so this one is a second-best price on the over-ear headphones.

$99 OFFAirPods Max for $449.99



AT&T quite a few sales and offers for multiple iPhone 15 devices, including up to $1,000 off the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max with an eligible smartphone trade-in. Models with lower storage capacities can be purchased at no cost thanks to these discounts, and of course you’ll need to purchase the new smartphone on a qualifying installment agreement.

UP TO $1,000 OFFiPhone 15 Pro at AT&T

You can get up to $830 off the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus as well, with the same stipulations as the Pro devices. Both offers will be delivered via monthly bill credits, starting within three bills after trade-in is completed. It’ll be applied in equal amounts over the term of your installment agreement.

For the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max offer, you’ll need to trade in a device with a value of $230 or higher to get the full $1,000 off markdown. You’ll get up to $830 in bill credits with a trade-in value of $130 to $229 and up to $350 in bill credits with a trade-in value of $35 to $129.

For older iPhone models, AT&T is offering the 128GB iPhone 14 at $10.99/month with no trade-in required. Similarly, the iPhone 14 Pro is available at $15/month with no trade-in required. For these, all you’ll need is to purchase the smartphones on an installment plan and pick or upgrade to an eligible unlimited plan.

AT&T is also taking $300 off any Apple Watch when you purchase two at the same time. Like smartphone plans, you’ll have to buy two Apple Watches on an installment plan, add at least one new line, and activate both on your wireless plan. Afterwards, you’ll get up to $300 in bill credits over 36 months.


At Verizon, you can get a special bundle offer if you’re interested in purchasing the new iPhone 15 Pro this holiday season. When you do pick up the new smartphone with a new line on an Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, Verizon will reward you with an Apple TV 4K (64GB) and six months of Apple One at no cost.

FREE APPLE TV 4KiPhone 15 Pro at Verizon

Of course, you can purchase higher storage iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max models, but at that point you’ll be paying a little extra. The Apple TV 4K promotion requires a smarpthone purchase on an eligible plan and ends on November 15, while the Apple One six month promotion requires a line subscribed to an Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan.

For last year’s models, you can get four iPhone 14 Plus devices for free along with four lines on Unlimited Welcome at $120/month. A new line on any 5G Unlimited plan is required per smartphone. You can also stack this with Verizon’s current tablet and smartwatch promotions, which offer up to $279.99 off these devices.

Verizon is also a great place to buy stocking stuffers for techies during the holiday season with its abundant accessory sales. Right now it has up to $50 off Anker speakers, 30% off Nimble chargers, 20% off Apple Watch bands, and 20% off Mophie chargers.


Verizon’s Visible brand has $10 off its premium Visible+ service, now priced at $35/month with the promo code 35FOR6 used at checkout. This promotion will last for six months, and after it ends it will return to the regular price of $45/month for the Visible+ service.

$10 OFF/MONTHVisible+ Cellular Plan

Visible offers all of the latest smartphones, including iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models. When you join Visible, you’ll save up to $240 via monthly bill credits on your account. You’ll need to join Visible on a new line of service, purchase a new device, and select the Visible+ plan.


T-Mobile is providing up to $1,000 off the new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro when you trade in an eligible device on a Go5G Next plan. You can get up to $830 off these devices when you trade in an eligible device on a Go5G Plus plan.

UP TO $1,000 OFFiPhone 15 at T-Mobile

The carrier also has a wide variety of previous generation iPhones at a discount. This includes the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE at no extra cost when purchased on select cellular plans and trading in eligible devices.


9th Gen iPad

We’ve been tracking a great all-time low discount on the ninth generation iPad since Prime Day, and the deal is still around in November. You can get the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad for $229.99, down from $329.00. At this record low price, the iPad is a perfect entry-level tablet for a kid or family member who doesn’t need the tablet for work-intensive projects.

Update: This deal has expired.
$99 OFF10.2-inch iPad (64GB Wi-Fi) for $229.99

10th Gen iPad

The upgraded iPad from 2022 also has a great discount on Amazon right now, with the 64GB Wi-Fi model on sale for $349.00, down from $449.00. This model comes with a bigger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, A14 Bionic chip for a performance boost, Wi-Fi 6, and more.

This beats the sale from earlier in the month by $50 and is a new all-time low price on the iPad.

$100 OFF10.9-inch iPad (64GB Wi-Fi) for $349.00

6th Gen iPad Mini

Apple’s 8.3-inch iPad mini 6 is down to $399.99 on Amazon, down from $499.00. This iPad mini has an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display, A15 Bionic chip, USB-C, and more.

$99 OFFiPad mini (64GB Wi-Fi) for $399.99

5th Gen iPad Air

Switching to iPad Air models, the 2022 64GB Wi-Fi tablet has hit $499.99 on Amazon, down from $599.00. That’s a solid all-time low price on this model, and you can also find a few other storage configurations at record lows this time around. Note that for the majority of colors, you’ll need to clip an on-page coupon to see these deals.

$99 OFFiPad Air (64GB Wi-Fi) for $499.99


13-inch M1 MacBook Air

The M1 MacBook Air has returned to its steep discounted price of $749.99 for the 256GB model, down from $999.00. This is a great deal and perfect computer for anyone who needs an Apple notebook for simple email and internet browsing.

$249 OFFM1 MacBook Air (256GB) for $749.99

13-inch M2 MacBook Air

At Best Buy, you can get the 256GB 13-inch M2 MacBook Air for $949.00, down from $1,099.00. You’ll find a similar record low deal on the 512GB model too.

$150 OFF13-inch M2 MacBook Air (256GB) for $949.00

15-inch M2 MacBook Air

Best Buy has the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air (256GB) for the all-time low price of $999.00, down from $1,299.00. The 512GB model is also available for the record low price of $1,199.00, down from $1,499.00. Both have all colors on sale, and they’re only available at these prices for My Best Buy Plus/Total members.

Apple’s latest MacBook Air model is a great option with numerous pro-level features without the price tag. For a deep dive into all the similarities and differences between each line, read our buyer’s guide.

$300 OFF15-inch M2 MacBook Air (256GB) for $999.00
$300 OFF15-inch M2 MacBook Air (512GB) for $1,199.00

M3 MacBook Pro

There are a few notable discounts on the new M3 MacBook Pro at Best Buy and Amazon this week, including savings on the 14-inch and 16-inch models. These are some of the first big discounts on the M3 MacBook Pro, and you can get up to $200 off these notebooks.

For the 14-inch models at Best Buy below, note that the prices reflect My Best Buy Plus/Total member savings.

$200 OFF14-inch MacBook Pro (M3, 512GB) for $1,399.00
$200 OFF14-inch MacBook Pro (M3 Pro, 512GB) for $1,799.00
$200 OFF14-inch MacBook Pro (M3 Pro, 1TB) for $2,199.00
$200 OFF16-inch MacBook Pro (M3 Pro, 512GB) for $2,299.00

M3 iMac

Amazon is offering record low prices on the just-released M3 iMac, with prices as low as $1,229.00 for the 8-Core GPU, 256GB model. In total, these sales represent up to $100 off the new M3 iMac.

$70 OFFM3 iMac (8-Core GPU, 256GB) for $1,229.00

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 9

Some of the best Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals are focused on the new Series 9 models. You can get the 41mm GPS device for $329.00 at Amazon, down from $399.00. This $70 discount is a new all-time low price on the 2023 smartwatch. Likewise, the 45mm GPS is down to $359.00 at Amazon, another $70 markdown and record low price.

$70 OFFApple Watch Series 9 (41mm GPS) for $329.00
$70 OFFApple Watch Series 9 (45mm GPS) for $359.00

If you’re looking for cellular models, there are a few deals to discover. Amazon has the 41mm cellular Series 9 model for $429.00, as well as the 45mm cellular Series 9 model for $459.00. Both of these are $70 discounts and more all-time low prices for the smartwatch lineup.

$70 OFFApple Watch Series 9 (41mm Cellular) for $429.00
$70 OFFApple Watch Series 9 (45mm Cellular) for $459.00

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Amazon has a few models of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 for the all-time low price of $739.00, down from $799.00. This sale was more expansive last week and now only a handful of Ultra 2 models are at this record low price, so if you’re interested make sure to take a look at the deal before it’s gone.

$69 OFFApple Watch Ultra 2 for $739.00

Apple Watch SE

If you want a cheaper Apple Watch, Amazon has the 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE for $179.00, down from $249.00. This one was at $189.00 just last week, so this is yet another record low price for the 2022 Apple Watch SE, and you’ll find multiple best-ever prices across the lineup.

Update: The deal on the 40mm GPS model has expired.
$70 OFFApple Watch SE (40mm GPS) for $179.00
$70 OFFApple Watch SE (44mm GPS) for $209.00


iPhone 15 Cases

Amazon is taking nearly 30 percent off the new FineWoven Cases for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus this week. Not every color is discounted, but those that are have prices as low as $33.69 for these brand new accessories, down from $59.00.

$27 OFFiPhone 15 FineWoven Case for $33.69
$12 OFFiPhone 15 Plus FineWoven Case for $46.30

MagSafe Chargers

Over at Woot and Amazon, you can get a few of Apple’s best wireless and MagSafe chargers for all-time low prices. This includes the MagSafe Charger for $29.00, down from $39.00 and the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock for $34.99, down from $79.00. Amazon has the MagSafe Duo Charger for $79.99, down from $129.00.

These are great stocking stuffer present ideas for the holiday season, and all the Woot accessories are in new condition.

Update: The MagSafe Duo Charger deal has expired.
$10 OFFMagSafe Charger for $29.00
$44 OFFApple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock for $34.99
$49 OFFMagSafe Duo Charger for $79.99

Siri Remote

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your Siri Remote, Woot has the second generation model with Lightning at its lowest-ever price of $44.99, down from $59.00. Like other Woot Apple accessory sales going on right now, this one is in new condition and has a one year Apple limited warranty.

$14 OFFSiri Remote (Lightning) for $44.99

Apple Pencil 2

Amazon has the Apple Pencil 2 for $79.99 this Cyber Monday, down from $129.00. Compared to previous sales, this is an all-time low price.

$49 OFFApple Pencil 2 for $79.99


Amazon has the AirTag 4-Pack for $79.99 this week, down from $99.00. This is nearly a match of the all-time low price on this model. If you want just one AirTag, Amazon has the AirTag 1-Pack for $23.99, down from $29.00.

$19 OFFAirTag (4-Pack) for $79.99
$6 OFFAirTag (1-Pack) for $23.99



  • Daily Bugle (Marvel) – $300.99, down from $349.99
  • Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell (Disney) – $111.99, down from $159.99
  • Up House (Disney) – $47.99, down from $59.99
  • Bonsai Tree (Botanicals) – $37.99, down from $49.99
  • Orchid (Botanicals) – $39.99, down from $49.99
  • Succulents (Botanicals) – $39.99, down from $49.99
  • Wildflower Bouquet (Botanicals) – $47.99, down from $59.99

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