Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Your next MacBook Pro may get a major battery boost — here’s why


Ever since they changed from Intel processors to Apple silicon chips, Apple’s MacBooks have boasted phenomenal battery life. Now, it looks like the new 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro laptops due out this year could take their battery power even further.

That’s if a new report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors) is to be believed. The outlet has claimed that the new MacBooks — which it says will launch later this year — will feature improved displays that are even more power-efficient than the company’s existing ones.

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Specifically, DigiTimes cites industry sources who believe that the upcoming laptops will come with “mini-LED backlighting that can increase the display brightness by 10% compared to the first-generation specifications.”

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Interestingly, DigiTimes notes that “The brightness enhancement is not meant to improve picture quality, but rather to save power and improve battery life.” If the mini-LEDs inside the display are brighter by default, the laptop will need to supply less power to them to get the same brightness as in the existing MacBook Pro models. That could potentially see battery life soar to even greater heights.


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Launch date uncertainty


There’s a little uncertainty concerning one detail in the report, though. DigiTimes claims the updated MacBook Pro models will be released in the fourth quarter of 2023, which falls between October 1 and December 31. However, that doesn’t really chime with the launch date other experts have predicted.

For instance, journalist Mark Gurman has claimed that Apple’s high-end MacBook Pros — that is, the 14-inch and 16-inch versions — probably won’t be updated until the middle of 2024, while analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also pegged next year as the launch date. The current models were only refreshed in January 2023, so it would be highly unusual for Apple to upgrade the same laptops twice in a single year (especially considering how expensive these ones are).

Just this week, though, it was reported that Apple will soon update its Mac trade-in program to accept more products, which could be a sign that a new Mac is about to launch. Yet as we said at the time, it’s not even certain if this new Mac will be a laptop, never mind on of Apple’s high-end MacBook Pros.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait to see if DigiTimes is right regarding both the release date and the display brightness. If it’s correct about the new screens, though, we could see Apple’s MacBooks make one of their best features even better.

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