Thursday, December 7, 2023

Save on Otterbox cases for the Apple Watch Series 9 today


Apple Watch Series 9 and an Otterbox case.Otterbox

Apple Watches may have Corning Gorilla Glass faces, but they aren’t invincible. Thankfully Otterbox cases are on sale this weekend. You can grab a case that fits your Apple Watch 7, 8 or 9 for a significant discount. Several different models are on sale, and both 45mm and 41mm cases have discounts. Browse the whole sale by hitting the big red button.

Why you should buy an Otterbox Apple Watch Case

Whether you already own an Apple Watch 9 or you’re considering buying one of the best Apple Watch deals, you should buy a case. Cases add very little extra weight or bulk to your watch, and they can potentially save you some serious cash on a replacement. Otterbox has been a staple Apple accessory brand since the early iPhone models, and they make smartwatch cases that are just as good. There are two different models currently on sale.

The first model is the LifeProof Eco-friendly case. Both the 41mm and 45mm options are on sale for

. The LifeProof is a simple snap-on case that protects the buttons and edges of your Apple Watch. It’s a bumper case, meaning it doesn’t have screen protection, but the bezel creates a ridge around the outside that protects the screen from all flat surfaces. You can choose between black, teal, orange and purple — all colors are on sale. Another added bonus of the LifeProof is that it’s made from 85% recycled material.


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The other case that’s on sale is the standard

case. It’s down all the way to $17 from its usual $25, but you can only choose between purple and pink, and it has to be the 45mm Apple Watch. This is also just a bumper case, with no screen protection. The bezel flares out a bit more than the LifeProof does, giving slightly more protection to the button and dial.

Unfortunately the Otterbox we think is one of the best Apple Watch cases, the

, isn’t on sale right now. But if you’re looking for a cheap Apple Watch case to cover your new Apple Watch 9, shop the sale on Otterbox’s site.

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