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Roku Home Security Review


Roku, to me, has become the standard for smart TVs. While the company has seen multiple competitors, it’s still one of the most popular smart TV platforms around. Recently, Roku has taken its no-nonsense approach to your entertainment and applied similar logic to DIY home security.

I’ve been testing the majority of the Roku Home Security lineup for a few weeks now, and based on what I’ve seen, Roku has something here for the casual user.

Easy setup

If you’ve ever used a Roku TV you know these are dead simple to setup. The Roku Security system is the same. The app and included materials do a fantastic job walking you through the process.

It’s as simple as scanning a QR code on each device and following the app’s instructions. You start with the monitoring Hub and then move through the accessories. Our review package included a motion sensor, indoor and outdoor SE cameras, and two entry sensors.

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As mentioned, the app does a great job of keeping straightforward details of adding each new item to the system. Once the hub is set, you have a pairing sequence to add each new sensor. Each has good visual keys in the app to make sure you get it right.

Decent array of additions for first-generation

Even for an initial lineup of devices from Roku to enter the security market, the selection is pretty decent. You get the keypad, base station, two entry sensors, and a motion sensor with the default $99 bundle. It’s comparable to others in the segments and is a great starter kit.

Additional components can be added like indoor cameras, doorbells, and a new outdoor camera. That’s on top of extending the starter kit options. You can easily add another keypad or entry sensor as you see fit for your home. For our review, we were sent the starter kit with additional indoor and outdoor cameras.

As mentioned, I like the options Roku has in the lineup, but I do want to point out a few things that make the cameras feel slightly dated. All of the cameras have to be wired. Both the indoor and outdoor cameras are wired via a micro-USB connection.

This is a double fault for me, especially on the outdoor camera. Most modern systems have moved to the newer USB-C standard or gone completely wireless. The wireless part doesn’t bother me much on the indoor cam, but Roku should consider a wire-free outdoor camera. Casual users hate running power and my ideal spot shouldn’t be influenced by where a constractor decides an outdoor outlet should have been on the home.

Integration with Roku OS

We can’t go any further in this review without mentioning one of the best features if you already own a Roku OS device or Roku TV. With the full monitoring package, you can get alerts, and view your live camera feeds, directly on your television. This truly makes the Roku security system feel modern and seamlessly drops into your current setup with no additional hardware or services.

You can access these cameras on-demand as well as enable notifications on your Roku home screen. This allows you to drop into the camera feeds as alerts come in. It’s worth noting that notifications on the TV are only sent over if the system is set to armed for Home or Away.

Smartphone notifications

I’ve found the smartphone notification in the Roku Smart Home app to be solid. Logging into your account from a fully closed app is fast and seamless. Camera live feeds take a few seconds to load, but nowhere outside the norm for these types of systems.

The outdoor camera does a decent job of recognizing humans versus objects as well. I was concerned that my dog would set it off more often, but that hasn’t been the case. I’ve had a few false alerts from the trees in my yard that are close by, but otherwise no issues.

The app in general is very simple and well designed. Accessing all your controls, camera views, and remote monitoring is accomplished in an easy fashion. Apps can easily drag down and hinder home security monitoring in the DIY space, but Roku has avoided this.


Roku has always impressed with a no-nonsense approach to the smart TV and the company has brought this DNA to the smart home with its security bundle. With a competitive price and simple setup, you can have your home protected and professionally monitored, in under 30 minutes.

Finally, let’s talk pricing. The initial Roku Security bundle will cost you $99. This includes the base hub station, keypad, motion sensor, and two entry sensors. The additional indoor and outdoor cameras will set you back another $27 and $50 respectively. Hit the links below to snag any of this lineup.

Purchase the Roku Home Security bundle

Purchase the Roku Indoor Camera SE

Purchase the Roku Outdoor Camera SE

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