Monday, December 4, 2023

Qualcomm to Take on Apple Silicon Chips With Snapdragon X Series for PCs


Qualcomm today outlined its plans for its next-generation chips designed for PCs. The Snapdragon X series is set to come out in 2024, and Qualcomm claims that it will mark an “inflection point for the PC industry” thanks to the “next-level performance” brought by the new chips.

Snapdragon X chips will use the Qualcomm Oryon CPU, which is built on the chip technology that it got when it purchased Nuvia. Founded by ex-Apple chip designers, Nuvia designed custom Arm-based chips that are expected to bring Apple silicon-like performance to PCs with improved power and efficiency.

In addition to improved efficiency, Qualcomm’s upcoming PC chips include on-device AI processing and 5G connectivity.

As noted by The Verge, Arm has sued Qualcomm and Nuvia for violating the licensing agreements for Arm processor designs and architecture. Arm claims that licenses provided to Nuvia are not valid now that the company has been sold to Qualcomm.Tag: Qualcomm
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