Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Nimo Planet enables virtual workplace system with world’s first Spatial Computer


Nimo Planet has released Nimo OS and Nimo Core, along with its Nimo Glass to complete its dream of offering hyper-portable spatial computing system to users around the world.

According to Nimo, these three components are meant to combine and offer personalized, multi-screen expansive workspace experience to the modern hybrid workforce.

How it works

The firm’s technology efforts is now able to equip a modern workforce with the same luxuries of a multi-monitor often setup in a desk-free form factor. Here’s what it takes, these things are involved: a pocket-size computer, and a virtual, private display.

This easily takes away the limiting factors regarding finding usability and the portability of existing smart devices. Granted, juggling devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops can compromise workspace and productivity.

The current solutions for mobile computing makes it hard for the average office worker to stay efficient, organized and comfortable while on the go. Nimo is changing this model by providing or deploying spatial computing in a unique and streamlined manner. It is providing enterprise-class workspace that fits the user’s pocket.

What about power users?

Power users are well covered, as this Nimo Core’s compact form system allows resource efficiency, reducing CPU and memory usage. Imagine what it takes to render up to six high-fidelity 3D screens with an entire screen that’s stereo.

That systematically optimizes performance and battery life, minimizing heat generation. During multi-tasking – something common among power-users – the device remains comfortable while generating less heat.

However, Nimo Core’s compact form factor is 63mm in width, 43mm in length, and 23mm in thickness. Also, it positions 2D applications in varying depths to achieve six high-fidelity 3D screens. There’s the Qualcomm XR2 processor to power the Core system.

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Nimo glasses

Furthermore, the glasses are world’s first wearable computer designed for multi-screen workspace on the go. With it, Nimo seeks to revolutionize the work and offer freedom to work from anywhere faster and more efficiently.

Finally, it is good to note that Nimo OS supports Mac and Windows applications through USB-C or Remote Desktop.

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