Saturday, December 9, 2023

Level up your gaming setup with this 32-inch 4K monitor and save $200


The Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor on a vibrant background displaying Eiyuden Chronicles.Dell

Outside of buying from gaming PC deals, the easiest upgrade that gamers can make is an investment in a top-of-the-line monitor. If you’ve got the cash, you should spend it on the Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor, which is available from Dell with a $200 discount. From its original price of $800, it’s down to $600, which still isn’t cheap but it may be the missing piece to your dream gaming setup. You’ll have to proceed with the purchase as soon as possible though, as the savings may no longer be available tomorrow.

Why you should buy the Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor

The Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor offers 4K Ultra HD resolution on its 32-inch display, which will let you appreciate the finest details of the best PC games. It also offers a 144Hz refresh rate, which our computer monitor buying guide explains as how often images on the screen are updated, and a 1ms response time, which is how fast the monitor shows image transitions. The Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering that break your immersion while you’re playing.

If you often play for several hours at a time, the Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor will protect your eyes with its ComfortView Plus technology that reduces harmful blue light emissions without affecting color quality. The vents at the back of the gaming monitor will keep it cool at all times, while its adjustable stand’s height, tilt and swivel may be changed as you see fit until you find the perfect viewing angle for your gaming sessions.


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Gamers should always be on the lookout for monitor deals that will improve their gaming setup by leaps and bounds, and right now there’s probably no better choice than the Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor. It’s currently available from Dell for just $600 instead of $800, for savings of $200. The discount won’t last forever though, so if you want to get this display for cheaper than usual, there’s no time to waste. Add the Dell G3223Q 4K gaming monitor to your cart and check out as fast as you can.

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