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Hands-On: Homey Pro


Pretty much everyone I know has a smart house to some degree and I suspect it would be the same for you. We all have various levels of intelligence and automation in our homes and things seem to only be improving.

As great as it might be to go all-in on an ecosystem or brand, that’s not always possible. Sometimes we have to purchase things along the way, building and adding along the way. And if you start to mix and match brands, apps, and services, it can get messy.

This fragmentation can cause inconvenience, as users have to switch between multiple apps to control various devices. Homey Pro, announced in August, addresses this issue by centralizing control, allowing users to manage and automate all their connected devices through a single interface. By doing so, it enhances the ease and efficiency of managing a smart home, promoting a more seamless user experience.

The Homey Pro is what you might term a “next-generation” smart home hub in that it boasts advanced technology that places it years ahead of competitors. It operates by consolidating numerous wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave Plus, to enable seamless communication among smart devices within a home. Also present is Matter with support for Thread coming in 2024.

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The Homey Pro sports a sleek and modern design which would effortlessly blend into a variety of interior decors. It measures about five inches in diameter and 1.5-inches in height, making it somewhat larger than your average smart home hub.

A distinctive feature of the Homey Pro is its LED Ring, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose. The LED Ring is used to visualize what the Homey Pro is doing, offering a visually stunning representation of the hub’s operational status.

The Homey Pro employs a USB-C port for power supply, which can also be utilized to connect a USB-C to Ethernet adapter if a wired connection is preferred over Wi-Fi for improved stability.

The Homey Pro operates by amalgamating various wireless technologies, thus allowing smart devices to communicate with each other seamlessly. Setting it up entails connecting the hub to your home network, followed by syncing your smart devices with the Homey Pro using its intuitive app. Once set up, you can control, automate, and monitor your smart home devices via the app, creating a centralized command center that simplifies managing your smart home ecosystem.

With support for a wide array of modern and emerging connectivity standards, the Homey Pro is designed to play nice with pretty much any and all internet-connected things.

  • Some of the apps for Homey Pro (via Athlon)

The target user base for the Homey Pro comprises individuals and households seeking to elevate their home automation experience. Those keen on centralizing control and enhancing interoperability among their smart devices would find Homey Pro to be a compelling choice. Its extensive connectivity options cater to a broad spectrum of smart home enthusiasts, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive smart home management experience.

If you’ve been cobbling together cameras, displays, lights, and other smart tech, you likely know how aggravating it is to do something as simple as schedule changes to the lighting in a room. Okay, so maybe you’ve got your shortcuts and know how to do it, but can you teach it to your spouse? The Homey Pro makes it so that you can simplify the process and marry ecosystems.

Learn more about the Homey Pro, or purchase your for about $399 at the manufacturer’s website or Amazon.

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