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Best Google Pixel 7a deals: Get Google’s budget phone for free


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The Google Pixel 7a is a popular smartphone option amongst Android users, and it puts a lot of features in your pocket at a fairly reasonable price as smartphones go. Still, it’s almost always worth hunting for some savings when it comes to tech, and the Pixel 7a is a device that often turns up some deals. There are a lot of options out there for pocketing some savings on the Google Pixel 7a. We’ve tracked down the best places to buy the Google Pixel 7a for you, so read onward for more details on the best Google Pixel 7a deals.


  • Google Pixel 7a deals at Amazon
  • Google Pixel 7a deals at Best Buy
  • Google Pixel 7a deals at AT&T
  • Google Pixel 7a deals at T-Mobile
  • Google Pixel 7a deals at Xfinity Mobile
  • Google Pixel 7a deals at Backmarket
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Google Pixel 7a deals at Amazon

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Amazon doesn’t carry the Google Pixel 7a for specific carriers, but you can buy an unlocked model here. And while it isn’t currently seeing a discount, Amazon has a range of used models to choose from. Used models in Like New condition are available for as little as $409. You’ll need to double check return policies and warranty information if you choose to buy used from Amazon, as they’re likely to be different from seller to seller.

Refurbished models of the Google Pixel 7a are also available at Amazon. They’re going for around $370 for models in excellent condition, with models in acceptable condition going for $320. Shopping Amazon refurbished guarantees your Pixel 7a to be fully functional, and it’s backed by Amazon’s 90-day Renewed Guarantee.


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Google Pixel 7a deals at Best Buy

Best Buy

You can find unlocked models of the Google Pixel 7a at Best Buy, and they include one free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and three free months of YouTube Premium. New models aren’t currently seeing any deals, but open-box models are available for as low as $424. Some open box purchases may be covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty, and you can also add additional protection for a price at checkout. You can also pocket some additional savings on a Google Pixel 7a at Best Buy if you have a device to trade-in.

Google Pixel 7a deals at AT&T


There’s some big time savings available on the Google Pixel 7a if you’re ready to make AT&T your carrier, and if you’re willing to make monthly payments instead of purchasing it outright. The phone normally goes for $520 at AT&T, but committing to a 36-month contract will net you some massive savings. At checkout you’ll pay taxes and a $35 activation fee, at which point you’ll get up to $340 in bill credits on your Google Pixel 7a. This savings is distributed through your monthly payment, which will drop from $15 per month for 36 months to just $5 per month. This works out to be only about $180 you’ll end up paying for the Pixel 7a.

Google Pixel 7a deals at T-Mobile

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T-Mobile doesn’t have any deals currently taking place on the Google Pixel 7a, but there’s still a way to get one discounted. If you have an eligible device to trade-in you can save up to $500 on a Google Pixel 7a. If you have a device that can get you that much in savings, you’ll effectively be trading it straight up for a brand new Google Pixel 7a, and you can head home knowing you got a brand new Google Pixel 7a for free.

Google Pixel 7a deals at Xfinity Mobile


You can save $100 by purchasing a Google Pixel 7a through Xfinity Mobile. You’ll need to agree to a 24-month contract as well as monthly payments, as opposed to buying the phone outright. Your savings will come in the form of a lower monthly payment spread out over the 24 months. It doesn’t seem like as much savings when it’s spelled out that way, as it drops the monthly payment from about $21 per month to about $17 per month. It’s still a $100 savings, though, which is pretty impressive, particularly if you’re happy making Xfinity Mobile your carrier.

Google Pixel 7a deals at Backmarket


Backmarket has a lot of Google Pixel 7a refurbished models available right now, and they offer some impressively low prices. You can get a Pixel 7a compatible with AT&T for just $324, and it comes with free 30-day returns and a 1-year warranty. You can even drop the price further if you have some qualifying tech to trade in.

Unlocked refurbished models of the Google Pixel 7a are also available at Backmarket. They’re going for about $400 right now, but they include free 30-day returns and Backmarket’s 1-year warranty.

Should you buy the Google Pixel 7a?

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 7a is a fairly recent release and is worth its price point. It’s considered to be a budget phone, but it has some features you’ll find in many of the best phones, including water resistance and wireless charging. It has a 64-megapixel main camera and it’s the most compact Pixel 7 device, making it a great option if you like to get out and have some fun with your phone. The Pixel 7a is also a good alternative to phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23, and it’s in the same price range as the Apple iPhone SE (2022). So don’t hesitate if you feel the Google Pixel 7a is the right phone for you. It’s fun, capable, and affordable with any of the deals mentioned above.

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