Monday, December 4, 2023

Apple TV+ Show ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ Reportedly Canceled


Apple TV+ show “The Problem With Jon Stewart” has been canceled because of “creative differences” between Stewart and Apple executives, reports The New York Times.

Members of the show’s staff were informed about its end on Thursday, according to several people with knowledge of the situation, just a couple of weeks before episodes for the third season were scheduled to begin.

The editorial disagreements reportedly revolved around some of the planned guests on “The Problem,” as well as potential show topics related to China and artificial intelligence that were causing concern among Apple executives. Apple did not respond to NYT’s request for comment.

Apple in 2020 secured a multi-year deal with the writer, producer, and former host of “The Daily Show”, which saw Stewart return to television following his 2015 retirement.

The name of the show, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” is a nod to the issues that Stewart explored on the current affairs new series, with topics in the 20 episodes ranging from what’s in the national conversation to issues that are part of Stewart’s advocacy work.Tags: New York Times, Apple TV Shows, Apple TV Plus
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