Monday, December 4, 2023

Apple Shares Checklist With Important Tips for Buying a Used iPhone


Apple this week published a new support document with some valuable tips for buying a preowned iPhone online or in person.

Apple starts off by touting that the iPhone “lasts longer than other smartphones,” making a preowned iPhone a “great way to own an iPhone.” Apple says it provides “industry-leading device support for software updates,” although Google recently announced that its latest Pixel 8 phones will receive full Android updates for seven years, whereas iOS 17 only supports iPhone models released up to five years ago.

When buying a preowned iPhone online, it is very important to choose a trusted seller, as the device cannot be physically inspected at the time of purchase. If possible, make sure the iPhone is not Activation Locked, as this would prevent you from using the device unless you know the previous owner’s Apple ID and password.

For in-person purchases, Apple shared a helpful checklist for inspecting a preowned iPhone. Apple explains how to check for damage, how to find out if parts have been replaced, how to view the battery’s health, how to find out if the iPhone is locked to a carrier, how to ensure hardware like the camera and microphone are functional, and more.

While some of the tips are obvious, Apple’s support document might be worth bookmarking if you plan to buy a used iPhone in the future.
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