Friday, December 8, 2023

Apple Expanding Device Repair Programs for Consumers and Independent Shops


Apple is expanding its Self-Service Repair and Independent Repair Provider programs and will make parts, tools, and documentation needed for product repairs available to repair shops and consumers nationwide.

The news was announced by the White House as part of an event focused on right to repair policies, and was shared by Reuters. Apple has not yet made a formal announcement, but more information is expected later today.

The White House is aiming for a nationwide right to repair law, which Apple is endorsing. Apple recently supported right to repair legislation in California because California’s bill requires all repair parts to come from Apple. Third-party components must be disclosed by non-authorized repair shops.

Apple has been offering a self-service repair program for consumers since 2022, providing genuine repair manuals, parts, and tools through its Self-Service Repair Store. At the current time, Apple offers repair kits and parts for iPhones, Mac notebooks, Mac desktops, and Apple displays.

Apple also offers a similar repair program for some independent repair shops, allowing them to source genuine parts to repair out-of-warranty Apple devices.

Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program is often more expensive than taking a device to an Apple retail location or Authorized Service Provider for repair, but it is a option for those who want to conduct their own repairs. Independent Repair Provider Program participants have also complained about Apple’s invasive contracts and high component prices.
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