Friday, December 8, 2023

32-Inch iMac With Mini-LED Display Rumored to Launch in 2025


A higher-end iMac with a mini-LED 32-inch display will come out in 2025, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo does not specify, but this machine could be positioned as an “‌iMac‌ Pro” to replace the 2017 model that Apple discontinued two years ago.

There have been multiple rumors of a larger ‌iMac‌ over the last couple of years, but the information has been confused with standalone display options and products that Apple ultimately shelved, leading to some confusion over if and when we would see a larger ‌iMac‌ option. The 27-inch ‌iMac‌ was also nixed in 2022.

After the ‌iMac‌ Pro was discontinued, Apple replaced it with the Mac Studio and its matching 27-inch Studio Display, and there has been no sign of a larger ‌iMac‌ since then. It sounds like that is set to change in 2025, with Apple using the same mini-LED technology that has been introduced in the more expensive Pro Display XDR.

At 32 inches, a larger ‌iMac‌ would offer the same dimensions as the 6K Pro Display XDR, which Apple sells for $5,000. As for the design, we could perhaps see slimmer bezels and a machine that is ultimately modeled after the Studio Display, with Apple eliminating the chin, but rumors are not clear on this point.Related Forum: iMac
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