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Yoshino B4000 SST Portable Power Station Review


In today’s world, where our reliance on electronic devices is ever-growing and our concerns about environmental sustainability continue to rise, having a reliable and eco-friendly power source is crucial. The Yoshino Solid-State Portable Power Station 4000W (Model B4000-SST) arrives as a compelling solution to these modern challenges. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this remarkable power generator, exploring its features, performance, and potential benefits for consumers.

Design and Build Quality

One of the first things that strikes you about the Yoshino B4000 Solid-State Portable Power Station is its robust and well-thought-out design. This portable power station is housed in a sturdy and durable sage casing, which not only ensures its longevity but also allows it to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The generator’s rugged build makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from camping trips to emergency power backup during storms.

The control panel on the front is intuitively designed, featuring a clear LCD screen that displays vital information like battery status, input/output power, and system temperature. The buttons and switches are tactile and responsive, simplifying the process of operating the generator.

Additionally, the ergonomically placed handles and compact dimensions make it relatively easy to transport, although it may require two people due to its weight. Indeed, this thing weighs in at just a smidge over 50 pounds.

Power Output and Capacity

The Yoshino Power Station boasts a substantial power output capacity, with 4000 running watts and a surge capacity of 6000 watts. This level of power is sufficient to run a variety of household appliances and electronics simultaneously, making it a valuable asset during power outages or when off the grid. It can handle essentials like refrigerators (14 hours), lights, laptops (45 charges), and even power tools with ease.

The generator relies on solid-state technology, which offers several advantages over traditional gas-powered generators. Solid-state technology eliminates the need for noisy engines and reduces maintenance requirements significantly. It’s also environmentally friendly, emitting zero emissions and producing no noise pollution. This means you can enjoy a peaceful, clean energy source while knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

Battery Capacity and Runtime

The Yoshino Power Station is equipped with a high-capacity battery with a total capacity of 4000 watt-hours (Wh). In practical terms, this means that the generator can power a 100-watt device for approximately 40 hours before needing a recharge. The actual runtime will vary depending on the devices connected and their power consumption.

Should one need more than the B4000 SST can provide, the Smart Link technology allows for seemingly infinite capacity expansion.

Recharging the battery can be done through multiple methods, including solar panels, a standard wall outlet, or even your car’s 12V port. The flexibility in recharging options ensures that you can keep the generator operational in various situations.

Lightning Fast Charging

While the Yoshino packs a massive battery, it doesn’t take long to charge it up at all. Plug this into a wall at zero and you’ll be at 80% in a shade over one hour’s time. This makes it perfect for those storms that seem to show up out of nowhere or those situations where you might anticipate being without power in the near future.

Solar Charging Efficiency

One of the standout features of the Yoshino Power Station is its compatibility with solar panels, which underscores the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The inclusion of a solar charging option is especially appealing for those looking to minimize their reliance on grid electricity and reduce their energy bills over time. It’s also an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals or those seeking an alternative energy source.

Input/Output Ports

The Yoshino Power Station is equipped with a wide array of input and output ports to accommodate various devices and appliances. It features two standard 110V AC outlets for powering household devices, two 12V DC outlets, two USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports for charging smaller electronics such as smartphones and tablets. Worth pointing out is that one of the USB-C ports offers Power Delivery (PD). Atop the unit are a pair of wireless chargers for your compatible devices.

The generator also has an RV-style receptacle, making it compatible with RVs and campers, further expanding its utility for outdoor enthusiasts.

User Experience

The Yoshino Power Station is notably user-friendly with an LCD screen to provide real-time information about the generator’s status, including the battery charge level, input/output power, and system temperature. This is invaluable for monitoring the device’s performance, ensuring you don’t exceed its capacity.

The control panel’s buttons and switches are well-marked and responsive, and the app control adds to the convenience of operation, providing real-time updates.

In terms of noise, the solid-state technology ensures that the generator operates silently. Contrast that with a traditional gas generator, which is often noisy and disruptive, and you’ll find it opens the door to additional places to use it. No gas fumes to worry about here. The lack of noise makes it an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

Price and Value

The Yoshino Power Station is competitively priced for its specifications and features. While it may have a higher upfront cost than some gas generators, it offers several long-term benefits. Its low maintenance requirements, lack of fuel costs, and eco-friendly operation contribute to its overall value proposition.

Considering the rising costs of electricity and the increasing demand for clean energy solutions, the Yoshino Power Station presents an investment worth considering. Its versatile and reliable power output, coupled with the potential for long-term savings, makes it a cost-effective choice for individuals and families looking to secure their power supply.

The B4000 is priced $3,299 which means it doesn’t come cheap. But, when you price it out against the competition, and especially the long-term cost of a gas-powered generator, you’ll find it’s right in line.

There’s a promotion at launch (September 21-27) which takes $500 off the top, making it just $2,799. That’s a really good bargain if you can take advantage of it. Also adding to its overall value is a five-year warranty.

Target User

The Yoshino Power Station caters to a wide audience, offering a clean power source for various scenarios, whether indoors, outdoors, during emergencies, or for eco-conscious everyday use. Here are a few example user types and situations where I see the Yoshino being invaluable.

  • Homeowners: It can keep essential appliances, such as refrigerators, lights, and communication devices operational, ensuring comfort and safety during power outages.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: Campers, hikers, RV owners, and outdoor adventurers will find the Yoshino makes it an excellent power source for camping gear, lighting, and electronic devices in remote locations.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Individuals and families can charge phones, power medical devices, and run essential appliances when traditional power sources are unavailable.
  • Environmentally Conscious Consumers: Eco-conscious consumers seeking clean energy solutions will appreciate it reduces reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions.
  • Contractors and Construction Workers: Construction professionals can power tools, lighting, and other equipment, reducing the need for noisy and emissions-producing gas generators.
  • RV and Camper Owners: RV and camper owners can run appliances and devices, enhancing the convenience and comfort of their travels.

Toss in boat owners, van and converted bus life types, event organizers, and off-the-grid needs, and you can see it’s a versatile solution.


The Yoshino Solid-State Portable Power Station 4000W (Model B4000-SST) is a compelling solution for those seeking a reliable, eco-friendly, and versatile power source. With its impressive power output, efficient solar charging capabilities, robust build quality, and safety features, it stands as a valuable addition to both emergency preparedness plans and outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re looking to keep your essential appliances running during power outages, reduce your carbon footprint, or enjoy a peaceful and convenient outdoor experience, this generator ticks all the boxes. Its solid-state technology battery make it a standout option in the world of portable power generators. It’s as powerful as it is efficient.

The Yoshino Power Station is an investment to be sure, but it’s one that makes sense to a lot of people.

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