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Opera GX is getting proprietary AI to make you a better gamer

Opera GX browser with Aria AI tool.Opera

The Opera GX gaming browser — which is among the best browsers around — has been updated with the brand’s proprietary AI writing assistant called Aria. It allows you to execute tasks such as asking questions, writing code, sprucing up communication, and learning how to navigate the ever-changing web landscape.

The tool is currently available to Opera GX Early Bird users. Gamers can use Aria to learn more about the latest gaming news and to easily find gaming tips with AI prompts. According to the press release, these could be based around news, such as “Has Starfield finally launched yet?,” as well as tips, such as “How to beat the Juggernaut in Armored Core 6?”

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Tools like ChatGPT can answer basic questions, but it’s the proprietary nature of Aria that stands out. According to Opera, that allows the AI to access up-to-date information, enabling it to quickly summarize updates in games like Diablo IV, and provide tips in brand new releases like Starfield. 

Another new AI feature added to Opera GX allows you to use hotkeys to interact with Aria. You can input Ctrl+ / on Windows and Cmd+ / on Mac to trigger the tool and begin to type in a prompt.

Aria is simple to access from the sidebar of the Opera GX browser. Once enabled, you need only sign in to your Opera account, or sign up for a free account. To enable the tool, you must access Early Bird in Settings > Aria Extension > Aria Command Line.

Aria is now available in over 180 countries including on the Opera GX browser for Windows and MacOS and on the Opera One browser for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The Opera GX browser, which initially launched in 2019, is also designed with many of the top gaming-associated apps and programs easily accessible, including Twitch, Discord, Reddit, and YouTube, among others.

With several tech companies inundating their browsers with AI-powered features, the brand also introduced a redesigned Opera One as its flagship browser in late April. The browser includes ChatGPT and ChatSonic login shortcuts, in addition to the beta integration of Opera’s own AI features. This would be announced as Aria in late May.

Aria is also connected to Opera’s AI Prompts browser feature, which allows you to highlight text within the browser and turn this into a prompt to gather contextual information.